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  1. i bought rocksmith 2014 from steam when it was on sale. i activated it with the cd key from steam and everything was fine until yesterday, when i launched the game and it made me log in then input the cd key. i have tried everything, it always gives me an error that and i need to retry. it doesnt tell me if its my connection or the code or anything besides it doesnt work. (typical ubisoft). ive called ubisoft 4 times and it still doesnt work, ive uninstalled then reinstalled it, rebooted literally everything in my network. the strangest thing is that until yesterday, uplay did not show that i owned rocksmith 2014 when i activated it via the uplay application. it is now activated but rocksmith still asks for the cd key. ive tried everything, please help. ive bought over $70 in dlc and countless cldc songs.
  2. i watched all the tutorial videos i could find and cannot get it to work. i cannot even find the song id in the CDLC section. not a single song has an id. please help. a new video would be very beneficial to noobs as so much has changed
  3. I recently bought rocksmith from steam and am completely overwhelmed by the number of songs on customsforge. I played guitar for 5 or 6 years, then stopped for around 4 years. i recently have been getting back into guitar and thoroughly enjoy rocksmith. my favorite genre is classic rock, but i really like anything from the 60s to the 90s. my favorite bands are (in order) pink floyd, the eagles, and led zeppelin. i really like hundreds of artists, but those are my favorites. i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some relatively easy songs that are fun. they dont necessarily have to be by those bands, or even classic rock, any song that is enjoyable will do. i enjoy nearly all genres of music, but rock is my favorite. to give an idea of how advanced i currently am, i can play Jeff buckley's hallelujah on about 70-80% difficulty after a week or so. i am looking for a variety of artist, time periods and genres, thank you for any assistance you can provide, it would be much appreciated.
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