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  1. Excellent collection of tracks&superb work & skill in making all these custom tracks! Many Thanks :) Xacuit
  2. Hi Ovoid :) 99.9% of learning to play is playing!IStarted with Rs1 when it 1st came out.I played years ago&only knew bits,beginings&the odd reconisable rift,I wanted to play a track not bits!I tryed&tryed with tabulature,listen to (back then)records of tracks i wonted to learn trying to get the right rythum by following the tabulature&listen to the records(lifting the stylus&putting it back again&again lol),some friends also used to show me bits!The frustration of not being able to link tabulature&listening to the tracks together got the better of me&i stopped p
  3. Hi ill lookout for your works on lynyard skynyrd :)
  4. Brilliant list of tracks thanks&keepup the great work :)
  5. thx Brooklyn_Sounds :) eagerly awaiting Sweet Candy :) :) :)
  6. Nice 1 brooklyn_sounds ill look out for them thanks :)
  7. Some great cdlc's here m8,ill try giving some feedback when ive tryed some of them. Keep up the good work :)
  8. Hi Brooklyn_Sounds any chance you can do any of the AC/DC tracks ive requested Wheels,Black Ice,Money Made,Smash&Grab & Sweet Candy?Wish i had your ability&nolige to do customs but i hav'nt! Thanks&keep up the good work :)
  9. Nice 1 Brooklyn-Sounds ill give it a try :).Any chance you could do Wheels & Stormy May Day from Black Ice album?PPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE :)
  10. Hi have you put the D3dx9_42.dll in the right rs 2014 folder it should be in the first page of rs2014,mine is in this location, Cdrive-program files (x86)-steam-steamapps-common-rocksmith2014,i only ask as i put it in the dlc folder when i first done it!lol Regards xacuit
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