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  1. This month I have Primus and Faith No More. Doesnt get much better than that!!
  2. Thx, for report. You can't esc back, so its more like "default crash" for (only) bass to me. Have to wait those 2 weeks after report, before listing, most of these will be fixed, before that. sorry, my bad. didnt realise there was a 2 week wait period, though it does make sense
  3. another one for the list - Mexican Standoff (Elbow) jams the game when loading up the Bass version
  4. The map is a great idea, Re everyone turning up drunk, dont mind so long as they also bring some decent single malt for me!
  5. I've got these coming up: May : Nine Inch Nails (Cardiff, UK) June: Godflesh July: Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Faith No More (all in one day - gonna be amazing!), followed by Pearl Jam the week after August : Bloodstock Festival (Down, Megadeth, Emperor etc etc) May be more added to the list, depends on what gets announced in the coming weeks/months
  6. I had been trying to set up my bass to do this thru a Y cable, but each of the three different cables I used didnt seem to work. However, I picked up a Boss ME20B multi effects pedal, which has two seperate outputs on it, and that seems to work just fine. I've found that I like playing with the audio turned up in game, which normally masks the Bass sound from my playing too much (and I think its therefore giving me a better impression of my ability than is actually realistic!). Hopefully getting the raw sound thru the amp as well will help "finesse" my skills a bit!
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