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Which band ARE you going to see live?


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Oct 1st I'm gonna see "Coheed and Cambria" and the opening band is "Thank You Scientist"


Oct 2nd I'm gonna see "Periphery" and the opening bands are "The Contortionist", "Intervals", "Toothgrinder"


I'm so excited "Coheed and Cambria" and "Periphery" are my two favourite bands plus they're playing on back to back tour dates!!!

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August: Dot Hacker


Oct: Knotfest, CA (Atreyu, The Devil Wears Prada, Hatebreed, Black Label, Danzig, Anthrax, SLIPKNOT SAT, Hell Yeah, Devil Driver, Whitechapel, TECH N9NE, Killswitch Engage, Volbeat & SLIPKNOT SUN)

No particular order of hype, just bands I will be there to see. 

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I was at the motocultor festival this weekend and here's the list of what I've seen :






Malevolent Creation

Flying Donuts


Carnival in Coal

Brother Dege

Enemy of the Enemy




Behemoth (too bad they've lost all their equipment in the plane)








In Extremo

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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I just saw Linkin Park with 30 seconds to mars and afi. Then afterwards I saw nine inch nails with soundgarden and the dillinger escape plan. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/08/18/4f00c414bea5184196b1c7e2e3c56d5f.jpg Cortini personally had his roadie hand us two set lists, 4 picks, and a tape of hurt. Best night ever.

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15th Oct: Opeth

1st Nov: Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy Orchestra)

5th Nov: Animals As Leaders

16th Nov: Bryan Adams

25th Nov: Mastodon


Also going to the UK Marillion Weekend 2015, anyone else got tickets for that? Can't bloody wait!

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Chapman ML-1, Blackstar HT1


My systems: 

Ragnarok: i5 750 @ 2666MHz | Titan Fenrir | MSI P55-GD65 | 8GiB Vengence 1333MHz CAS 9 | 1GiB 6950 DirectCU II | 60GB Crucial M4 | Samsung F3 500GB | Samsung F3 1TB | Seasonic X-750 | X-Fi XtremeGamer | HAF932 | Win 7 Pro | Arch Linux

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So far for 2015.

Jan 11, 2015 Sabaton + Delain & Battlebeast.
Feb 15, 2015 Sabaton + Delain & Battlebeast.
Feb 27, 2015 Delain
Mar 18, 2015 Halestorm + Wilson & Nothing More
April 10, 2015 Blind Guardian + Orphaned Land
April 17 2015 System of a Down

Pretty good so far :)

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