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  1. Watched Judas Priest last night in San Jose, CA! Steel Panther opened for them, but they were lame in my book! Jazzie
  2. Hi I made edits to the original posting. Please see them for any issues you have with recording and play back. I set the microphone to off and turn my guitar down to 65. I have an I7 CPU with 16 GIGs of ram. So like I say above in my post. You have to play with it to get it right. But it does work and it is free... Jazzie
  3. Hi All! Here is a guide to record RS2014 with 60 FPS downscaled to 1280X720. Video is high quality with a small file size! (120 to 150 Mgs) Tested in Windows7! Works very well. and is FREE! :) Jazzie Here is the software site link: https://obsproject.com/ Here is the guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcwdy5bzv44k6fn/OBS_Settings.pdf?dl=0 1) I turn off all enhancements under 'Rocksmith video configuration'. Lower your visual quality to medium or low if you get jerky or laggy playback. 2) OBS won't run in 'Full Screen mode' unless you (ALT+TAB) out of RS2014 and leave the 'Game Rendering 'setting box up (don't close it) and (ALT+TAB) back to RS2014. 3) For Audio issues see the PC configuration guide from Ubisoft. (Below) You might have to edit the 'Rocksmith.ini' file and change the following values: ExclusiveMode [default: 1] - Set this value to 0 if you want to have other audio programs running at the same time as Rocksmith 2014. You may need to increase your LatencyBuffer setting to avoid audio issues if you choose to disable Exclusive Mode. 4) Depending on your CPU+RAM+GPU this can all have different results. You have to play with RS to get it to work correctly to record smooth videos. 5) Here is 'Ubisoft's PC configuration guide: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/802854-Rocksmith-2014-PC-Configuration-and-FAQ-Forums 6) TURN OFF YOUR ANTIVIRUS when recording!!!! And any other memory resident programs. 7) If you have issues wtih FPS, use the Razor Cortex Game Booster! It has a video capture that will compliment older systems. I just tested it with RS 2014 and it works great with about a 350 Meg capture for six minutes of record time: http://www.razerzone.com/cortex/game-booster *Here is a video I put up on YouTube last night! It rendered to be about 120 Megs and came out very smooth. Keep in mind that youtube makes all scrolling videos jerk once in a while. I believe it is a YouTube encoding issue. The original is smooth as silk. I tried with Windows media plyer. VLC and a couple others: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0anCnbW207g
  4. Open Broadcaster works great and is free! If you can't afford 500 for Sony Vegas then an alternative is Lightworks! Which has a free verson that should surfice for most editing! :) https://obsproject.com/ http://www.lwks.com/
  5. No I understood what he meant! I thought you could get the piece to switch between the both rhythm and lead. But, it appears you can't! I will just take the lead and insert it into the rhythm portion. And this is my work that I am charting, thanks for the heads up. Jazzie
  6. So, why have more than one track if you can't change focus to another track?? I mean if you can play a regular RS 2014 and have it change focus from Rhythm to Lead and back, why can't you do it with a custom? Thanks Jazzie
  7. Hi, not really! I mean have the display show Rhythm first, then switch to track 2 (Lead) and show that, then when the lead is done, switch back to the Rhythm part! Jazzie
  8. Hi, I am having an issue getting the focus to go from a Rhythm section (Part Real_Guitar_22) to a lead section (Part Real_Guitar) and back to the Rhythm section. (Part Real_Guitar_22). So the tune goes from Rhythm----->Lead------> Rhythm How does one set the focus to transition from one portion on the bridge to another and back? I can get the tune to play either in Lead or Rhythm, but only that section plays according on how I sent my Path. Many Thanks, Jazzie
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