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    Epiphone Prohecy EX with Gibson dirty fingers and jimmy page mod

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  1. Happy Birthday Diabulous!

  2. Happy Birthday Diabulous!

  3. Thanks for your hard work this will be very helpful.
  4. might have to get one of these as i use an old beat up paino chair.
  5. Well the thing that made me want to play was well... Green Day Rock band lol after playing a few songs, i really wanted to play.
  6. would love to see Rise Against and A Fire Inside live oneday but for now i can only dream. :(
  7. for sync i recommend goplayalong its 20 bucks but if you plan on making lots of customs it will help as for the tone it would help if you give more infomation on what you mean.
  8. Lol i got these once and the neon coating came off. and i like daddario.
  9. i play both on xbox 360 and pc but i like pc way better.
  10. Thank you so much i had an extra link attached to no note. thank you.
  11. heres the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h1tamxniixjxn66/AAA0Q8ymFR1pqR68u_BoJ0aha
  12. Looked into that and the numbers were different
  13. Hi guys i am having a promblem with importing the .xml file from Go Playalong to EOF as when i try to import it , it says "Error: Malformed Go Playalong file. Aborting" any help on this problem would be amazing.
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