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    PRS SE One
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    Ibanez Gio, 80's Vantage (not sure of model but it looks like a neck through VS600b)

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  1. Happy Birthday Taco!

  2. Happy Birthday Taco!

  3. Sleep- Dopesmoker Cuz' y'know 63 minutes long n' all.
  4. I just wanna hear one with a 9 string. Oh the sounds it'd make.
  5. Every track of Mastodon's Crack The Skye is on there.
  6. Dunlop Tortex .73 mm and Fender .73 mm And for when I'm tracking rhythm I use a Dunlop Sharp .88
  7. I saw Mastodon a month ago. I also just saw Devin Townsend Project a few days ago. As for upcoming stuff, I'm going to see Opeth and Red Fang on the 21st
  8. Taco


    Orange OR15 with a matching 2x12 with V30's
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