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  1. Hello, Is it possible to add a extra information/search row; Music style. So you can immediately see what kind of music it is. Blues Rock Jazz Hardrock ect. ect. Thanks, Fawi
  2. Hi CF members, Are people here familiar with the band The Whitest Boy Alive. Its al little group from Germany. This is a very cool band. they make dreampop en electro (indie). Bass lines are 'easy' but great. You can find tabs here; http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/the_whitest_boy_alive_tabs.htm Search for them on youtube. This post is just for sharing good music. But mayby someone will make a CDLC.
  3. Got 2 tickets voor David Gilmour in Oberhausen....September! I'm very happy.
  4. No one else with any suggestions?
  5. Is anyone making a CDLC of this song?
  6. Thanks Vinegarv, John lee Hooker is the only one i can find by CDLC Search. Why cant I find the other songs under CDLC Search? I found the BB Kings songs under your name...
  7. Hey, Iam a bass player and I want to know if there are any good blues songs, like The Thrill is Gone, or some with a 12-bar blues line. Cant find them in de DLCD database. Can somebody please advise songs which i can download? And are there any exercise cdlc's? Thanks, Fab
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