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Welcome to a revolutionary new technique to learn guitar.


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Today I'm proud to announce that we will be offering a cool and special feature here at CustomsForge.This was actually recommended from a few members here and I want to thank you for the idea.


We're going to launch this section in the future and have special CDLC's that will help you learn new guitar techniques.


From anywhere from guitar scales to playing the bass quickly with your fingers, we will try to help you master ways to learn the guitar.Each CDLC will feature Dynamic Difficulty so you can begin at a steady pace and work your way up.


We still have to figure out how we're going to do this but this is definitely something I am interested in doing.If you have any ideas, please suggest them!


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My time has been pulled away with some real life stuff, but we are working on updating lessons section within the game,  there is a thread in the development pages about it. at some point we will be able to have fully customized lesson, like the game has.  some features are harder than others, but it will be possible.

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Man i play guitar at least three years and i feel that i'm stuck, i guess i'm  begginer intermediate in play and know very little of music theory (cromatic scale, chords, read tabs, basic hehe), maybe for grow up i have to put the theory to intermediate? Or you think that a guitar player can be good only learning how to play scales, technics and stuff?
thanks srry my bad english haha
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This is an excellent idea, thanks Unleashed2K!




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Having 40 hours on RS1 and just over 100 on RS2014, I am very excited as I feel like I am stuck. I blame the many songs I can play:) I want to try them all rather than just sticking to a few and really getting to know how to play them better. Perhaps this will put me over the newb hole I am in.

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This subject really interests me. I was thinking of creating some CDLC to practice scales. I really like session mode, and Scale Warriors is pretty good, but there's got to be some middle ground in there to fill that gap with some CDLC. I wonder if there's a way, maybe like Riff Repeater, where you could change the key of the scales? Ah, just thinking out loud. Really looking forward to the development of this section!

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Great ideas here!

I think the most rewarding ability while playing an instrument is to be able to play what you hear.I wonder why Rocksmith has not included such essential lessons in the original lessons.What we need is some ear training lessons.


I don't know if it is possible to do but I imagine this:Rocksmith plays a riff and the player has to repeat that riff on guitar. The notes of the riff will be hidden like in mastermode.The first levels will be two note phrases. The first note will be shown and the second note has to be guessed. This lesson is very usefull to begin to hear the different note intervals.The more advanced levels will be three note phrases, four notes etc. until we play little melodies by ear.

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Brain is working for a second, so let me write this down before it goes away:


For folks intending on creating these lessons, maybe record your voice explaining what's going on, or what you're doing, tips or secrets in addition to the note highway?  It would take place of lyrics that you find on regular content.

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