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  1. Happy Birthday senji!

  2. Happy Birthday senji!

  3. Yo guys let me explain. I have a muse pack dlc but when i put their on the game the others dlcs don't appear, like 3 doors down etc. how can i solve this problem?
  4. It's hard choose only one so i will put that i more hear One-X It's not about be good it's about my depression hours haha
  5. I like Indie and Alternative/Pos-Grunge, but i like blues and metal too
  6. Man i play guitar at least three years and i feel that i'm stuck, i guess i'm begginer intermediate in play and know very little of music theory (cromatic scale, chords, read tabs, basic hehe), maybe for grow up i have to put the theory to intermediate? Or you think that a guitar player can be good only learning how to play scales, technics and stuff? thanks srry my bad english haha
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