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  1. diddie17 Well done!! GZ! Tried a couple of times again when ever I had some minutes to play but even failed to beat my own result. Sadly I'm done for this week as I'm ill and lie in bed... Of course congratulations to everyone!
  2. mjmiller1824 I know it's too late since the statement is done. But I want to excuse my boyish act. Sorry for that! ... Damn, I really want to discuss some of your arguments further... but I know it's better now to shut up.
  3. Exactly the reaction I expected for my skit. Fun's over when we talk about beer...I was last year my first time there and know about the massively growing microbrew szene. My brother in law is actually microbrewer and give us a taste of his most popular brews... so I absolutly know what I'm talking about. And of course I tasted all the mass market crap. How else should I learn what the nation drinks? Microbrews are not representative due to their regional limitations. Same for Beer Advocate - c'mon, it's an american community. BTW: the best selling beer in germany is crap as well ;) Please also take care on my most important statement: Taste is nothing you can argue about!
  4. So cute when americans talk about beer :lol: :lol: :lol:No offense! But on my vacation last year in the US the best beer I drank was "Tyskie" (polish) but also Sam Adams was ...well... drinkable for your defense.I really don't want to attack someone and everybody has it's own taste and that's ok! My fault is that I was born in poland and grow in germany, both are huge "beer nations", so I'm very sophisticated concerning beer. And let me tell you: the (probably) best beer in the world is "Rothaus Tannenzäpfle"! About other alcoholics: I love "Hendricks Gin", heady french wine and single malt scotch... everything in moderation of course ;)
  5. nothing new to say - slow is always better. Steve Vai said once something like "if you learn something new best speed is so slow that you can say "Mississippi" between two tones" I really hate it to play that slow and also tried the other way in the beginning (full speed and increasing difficulty) but since I changed my mind (which I did because I'm on the point where I really really want to learn playing the guitar after so many years) I had a huge improvement in my play. Now I do a lot of practice at ~60BPM (finger exercises, scales, etc.) and increase slowly when I make no mistakes for 3 attempts. Same on Rocksmith - I've to play a phrase 3 times without any mistakes to increase the speed for 5%. If 5% are to much (mostly when I reach 90%), I increase the speed by just 2%. Maybe (or for sure) it's not that much fun in the practise phase but the satisfaction and learning effect are much bigger at the end!
  6. I bet you will since I'm concentrate on rhythm of Blood Brothers" (at least if I'll find some time :-/ ). And since it's not the first time I'm fine with this... I'm fine with everyone who's better than me because: and I have a lot of fun no matter where I'm at the end of the week (which is imo a pretty short time to learn a new song).
  7. Thanks Krazyone. I also thing more and more I'm not that bad I estimated. Because I'm new to the championship I wanted go all the way up from beginner level. I'm already intermediate in rhythm and will also start intermediate lead next week. But as I mentioned in my first post after I had a look at Blood Brothers: it seems to be far beyond my skills. But I will try and I'm looking forward for the intermediate chellange on both next week...
  8. ok, happy with my first attempt on "Working Class Hero" lead (99,33%/197 - first post updated) so I can concentrate on rhythm...
  9. ok, here we go with my confirmation screenshot(s). Will update the screens in this post and provide updates as new post. Lead: Rythm: not yet
  10. No crash for me on Apache. But aren't shadows a little to hard for beginner level? Didn't play it on full mastered yet just checked out twice but... jesus... this will be damn challenging to learn in just a week. I'll accept it anyway (challenge is good for me) just a thought. And BTW: I'm still in beginner class on Rhythm in the spreadsheet but already qualified for intermediate... *EDIT* Forget about it! Apache is absolutely playable and also my qualification for intermediate in rhythm isn't important for me since "Blood Brothers" is far beyonde my skills :mrgreen:
  11. I've improved lead part to 95,28%/134 (screenshot in my first post).Sadly seems to be my last attempt for this week since I' going on a business trip...Have fun everybody... m/
  12. Jeah, just figured out that competition is very motivating ^^
  13. @PC Plum I do. Thanks a lot! Just sad there are no lyrics. Rhythm is fine but I've definetly to work on the solo... Rhythm: Lead *UPDATED*:
  14. In this case 'Donator' is affected as well. Get the same message...
  15. Tonedef you'll find in Antithez Dropbox: http://customsforge.com/topic/562-antithez-customs/?hl=reeko *EDIT* and my improvement in rhythm... don't understand why there's a mastery of 97% since all sections are mastered?!
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