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  1. The creator is Baoulettes and I sent a message to him, cuz i wanted to download the song, so it's fixed :) *Edit: Remember, if you need help, there is a "help and support" thread to this kind of issues. Cheers.
  2. Just enter into the cdlc post, scroll down and click the "click here to see the record" link, scroll down again and you'll see the download link, the other way is to browse the cdlc database, every song has a download arrow on the right side just click it and you'll see the record in which is located the download link, I hope this help, cheers mate :D
  3. I don't have a mac, but if I had that problem I would return to my previous OS...
  4. Bandicam, Camtasia studio 7, depending on you pc resources.
  5. You need a modded xbox
  6. thanx dude, but i technically solved the problem before submitting this post. I was not asking a solution, just to say "enough" to people who sent CDLC without any tone at all, that make RS crashes. you re a charter ? did you submit song without any sound at all ??? sure not. I know that adding a tone with RS toolkit is simple and it's a 10 second task to do. 1 - Just think to all people who are just playing songs here, and dont have or know the RS toolkit to do the job by themself. 2 - If 100 people dowload a CDLC without a tone, you think 100 people have to finish the work themself ? to Mvega : When a CLDC has no sound at all, no more sound is working after that, even your preset made by the tone designer. you have to restart RS. 1-Well if someone doesn't know or have the toolkit or how to change tones they could ask in the help section... is a ten 10 sec task isn't it? so I think 100 people could manage that, in fact would be great that everyone know how to tweak cdlc's maybe the number of contributors would increase. 2-As I said before if YOU think the song is worthy enough you can change whatever you want, but was only a suggestion, I know that would be wonderful to have "finished" songs in the submitted section, but It can't be helped the submitted section grows everyday and to check the quality of 2.3k songs seems a little titanic and being realist only a few put their toneless songs in the workshop and why? cuz people prefers the submitted section to get feedback (deja vu? sa sinking), but they're working on a finished section (claps), glad to know that you fixed your problem before to post :)
  7. Meanwhile if the "completed" section is not finished in the db and if the songs that you downloaded are worthy enough, you could unpack the song and add a tone of your preference, you have all the hard work done, so no biggie, isn't it? and problem fixed...
  8. Deja vu? here we go again... :/ I voted no btw, but if you guys want an approved section I respect that.
  9. Just to clarify because I made this same mistake when I first started making CDLC: There's two things you need to download for eof: The zip file with the latest eof its got a whole bunch of stuff http://www.mediafire.com/download/3i22ya9768finre/eof.exe(r1298).zip The hotfix which is just a new eof.exe file http://www.mediafire.com/download/va5puskr171pmmh/eof1.8RC9%28r1296%29.zip replace the eof.exe file from the zip archive with the hotfix .exe and it should work properly. As for the .ogg's, if you're getting .ogg files that means you're still using Wwise 2010 you need Wwise 2013
  10. Welcome, afaik there are RS2014 customs only :)
  11. I would say that it is perfectly possible...
  12. To tweak a cdlc: 1. open the toolkit and go to the dlc packer/unpacker tab 2. select the cdlc victim xD 3. select the destination folder and "unpack" 4. open Eof and work as if you were building a new project, (make a new folder) in the unpacked folders look for a song folder to load the cdlc audio (there are two audio files, select the bigger one) 5. eof menu file--> rocksmith import, look for a folder called "arr" and load the instruments arrangements 6. tweak what you want :mrgreen: 7. when you have finished, save your work, rename the _rs2 files as were shown in the unpacked "arr" folder replace the "unholy" files in the "arr" folder, select the packer/unpacker tab in the toolkit, select the folder to pack, write the new .psarc name and press "pack" 8. enjoy your nu version :P
  13. I like this idea too, I think the devs in ubi work as a team... what about us? we have bassist, guitarrists, sound techs, etc. very talented people, so why not?
  14. I second that, if you dont like how the song is charted, you can tweak it, who's gonna know? then you'll have the song that you love in an acceptable version of your own. Besides you have the majority of the work done so, just tweak the thing :) When things start to getting "proffesional" all the fun flies away by the nearest window, as pgboyd says, deja vu.
  15. 1. As you know songs can have different tones (distortion, fuzz, clean, etc) so if you dont put tones to your cdlc the tone allways is going to be a clean tone. Unless the song is played with a clean tone, you will want to change that tone, so what we do? You can look for a song (cdlc) that has similar tones (lead guitar distortion for example) then you "import" the file in the toolkit and voilá, you'll have the tones from that song to use them in your cdlc :) Other alternative could be to build the tone ingame, save your work, close the game, and import your savegame in the toolkit, as easy as it sounds :mrgreen: 2. I did this video in spanish, but I know that it won't be a problem for you :) The video shows how to add difficulties to your cdlc. There's another alternative, open the toolkit, select the DD tab, add your .psarc file (Custom finished without DD) put a number 4 in phrase lenght, and press generate. Simple right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id8AlghQHRY Note: Your cdlc has to have sections and phrases in order to DD work properly, if you don't know what in merlin's beard is that, you can watch this video courtesy from another SA user called Pyrobillie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsyQx9eknw4#t=0 In this video, I show how to: Create sections/phrases, import lyric file,... What I forgot to say is how to remove sections or phrases, you can do this in the 'beat' tab, then events, here you got a list of the events of the beatmarker you're on. Also forgot this: You have to start a new phrase at each section-start, for DD to work 3. The files that you add to the toolkit are the arrangements (lead, rythm, bass or the "strings") when you save your work in EoF, the program save a few .xml files, as it follows: Lead guitar: Part_real_guitar_rs2 Rythm guitar: Part_real_guitar_22_rs2 Bass: Part_real_bass_rs2 Note: in EoF you MUST have enabled an option that says: "save separate Rocksmith 2 files" or something similar. (press f11 to check) You add these files in the toolkit in the section below the main info of the cdlc (album, artist, etc). Hope it helps :)
  16. In spanish uh? Well I can help you! :mrgreen:
  17. Post the request in the proper thread, it's pinned :) **thank you for loving me :mrgreen:
  18. Welcome, there's a request thread in the workshop, feel free to post them there :)
  19. This website has RS2014 customs only, but I read in a topic, that maybe in the future, they'll have customs for RS original also :)
  20. You can report this bugs by pm, regarding the tags, I just re-edit the record when I've submitted the info for the first time, then the tags are shown, but you're right they should work from the very first time you write them...
  21. Yeah me too, also tried to edit one of my cdlc's tags, installed an updated java's version but didn't work, I think this option should be available for everyone, is so convenient!! :)
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