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  1. My guitar wants to kill your mama !

  2. That's why there is a debate. I dont want to force anyone to do the contrary of what he wants. But the question is : " do those people really choose this option ?, or do they know it was possible to change this option ?" You should probably make a vote and ask to the CDLC community what they want ? @Magna Charter : "Do the official DLC in Eb change the chord names?" I will check that, but if it's no, i dont think If rocksmith is doing something wrong, that shoud be a good reason to do the same mistake. Maybe there are oldschool people like me, playing for guitar for 25 years who learn with
  3. One sure thing, no one use your both solution here :) Got lot of Eb tuning CDLC, and no one even tried to change the chords name before posting. They dont know howto, they dont care.... they got perfect pitch earing :) sorry, for this sarcastic point.... @@raynebc : Of course, it's musically inaccurate. I agree with you but we re not talking bout solfege here. and we re not playing piano or saxophone. The debate is about why naming a chord on a charted tab ? to tell what note it sound ? of course not But to help the guitarist. Just to tell you what standard position of hand and fret you have
  4. Can someone tell me how many official guitar song book of Eb tuning songs are naming the chords 1/2 step down ??? There a convention to name the chords to the relative position it has in standard tuning. So why not doing the same with EOF and CDLC ??? When songs are Eb tuning, is there a reason to name the chords in b or # ? For ex : E chords position ( 079997 ) must be name E chords even if it s sound Eb or D#. And it should be the same with capo song ! If you put a 3rd fret Capo, ( 022000 ) Chords should be named Em and not Gm.
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