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  1. Thanks Rush, I would definitely downgrade back if I could, unfortunately (at least according to the 2mins of research I just did) that means wiping my HD. No dice. 1ndy, I think you've nailed it. I just tried removing a whole bunch of older CDLC, about half of the folder's contents, and just played a few songs without a hitch. Before that I was successful maybe 1 out of 3 times in playing a single song. I've noticed Yosemite is a bit slower in some things than Mavericks was, even in really mundane things like opening a folder, so it stands to reason it has issues when it's building a list of DLC/CDLC. A warning to all I guess - don't upgrade for a while, if ever. Thank you both for the replies, big help all round!
  2. Hi, I've been using RSinjector for a long time now (at least 7-8 months from memory). Recently, I upgrade OS X to Yosemite, and although RSInjector seems to load and run fine, sometimes I'll try to run a song in "Learn a Song", and it'll just stop. If it doesn't need a tune it'll just sit on the song selection thing (where it shows "Rocksmith Recommends" etc.), or if it wants to tune/confirm tuning, it'll get through the tuning fine, then just sit there with nothing happening. This happens on songs that were part of RS14 to start with (today's example being Savior by Rise Against). It also happens on CLDC that worked perfectly before. My best guess is that's a Yosemite thing, but does anyone have any advice? It's incredibly frustrating because I might get one song through, then try to play another and it'll freeze. I have to command + Q to get out of it, then re-launch and go through it all again. Generally, 2-3 tries will get a song going, but it used to be that they worked perfectly. I'll note that I haven't upgraded RSInjector since upgrading to Yosemite, but I don't think a newer version of it has come out since I first got RSInjector anyway - if someone knows of an updated link, that would probably help too. Thanks in advance guys and girls, really want to keep on learning but it's a downer to have to go through pot-luck every time in whether it will launch a song. M
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