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  1. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  2. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  3. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  4. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  5. @@raynebc , hello. long time no see, yes im back. and i did create a new song over the last 2 days, and not remembering exactly how to do it, i did NOT have a count and end phrase in eof. (it gave me a warning about no count phrase), but the song apears to work just fine.
  6. Maveth

    Maveths customs

    current wip Chocolate Jesus https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B82JQfkZ56MJRnlRcWFtdWxmMlU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dfwJ6l7Fmk
  7. Maveth


    Been away for 3 years, i helped design the tools, but for the life of me i cant remember what causes a package to "freeze" with no notes displayed at the start, then end the song. i know im missing a simple step somewhere. went trhough the guides and i dont think i missed something, but im pretty sure i have. is it a tone? wem issue? naming? need to use the old wwise, got it working.
  8. Nice glad to see that the convesrion is done automatically now.. im almost that far. will have to finish tomorrow after work. got 2 styles of play tabbed out and imported, and lyrics. need to do the verses/chorus and maybe add some difficulty, but was never a fan of dificultly levels, perfer the max diff with slower speed to learn. in case your interested going to do this cover version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dfwJ6l7Fmk hopefully i got the code right for adding the video if not its youtube 3dfwJ6l7Fmk
  9. Thanks, gonna try and reinstall the apps, and do a quick song. see what happens.
  10. Hello people, I havent logged in in almost 3 years now. I dont even know where to start. whats been the biggest changes? how has song creation changed?
  11. Wow, its been forever since ive been online. glad to see things are still going strong. i need to reinstall all my tools over again, and see whats happened. between eof and toolkit, alot has changed in almost 2 years.
  12. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  13. Happy Birthday Maveth!

  14. i would remove it, but perhaps keep the code stored away somewhere in case they add it down the road. or you could leave it, and then songs authored with it would automatically use it if the game ever updated. or perhaps you could have a pop-up note of the vibrato frequency. (if it was a huge request by users)
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