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  1. Thanks again for the help @@raynebc, @@Rockfirstlast. The custom I was working on for this topic is now complete. Metric - Blindness.
  2. I've had it pop up in a few weird locations. In one example I had removed all of the handshapes in a difficulty level since they no longer had more than one note. The editor gave me that error when I tried to save. I looked through the difficulty levels and came back and then re-saved and it no longer gave me the issue. I couldn't track down or re-create the issue, unfortunately. It would be nice however if the editor would shift the view to the beginning of the handshape in question, much like it does with fret hand position errors.
  3. Also regarding Handshapes, I've recently seen a few errors when saving along the lines of "Handshape can't be matched with chord template" but it doesn't seem to offer any help tracking down which handshape is causing the problem, other times it seems to solve itself.
  4. Yeah, I think that would be helpful. Currently I just manually add an extra ghost note somewhere in the handshape. It works but takes extra charting time and clutters the file up a bit, plus ghost notes still 'click' or play if you have midi notes enabled which can be a little annoying.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/zTDAQI2.png So this is what I'm looking at. The pink lines mark the handshape boundaries, and the little text inside is the handshape for that box. When building these handshapes I would extend the note sustain all the way to the next note, create the handshape, and then remove the sustain. This gave me handshapes that reached until the next change. The green arrows mark ghost notes that I had to add in order to fill in those handshapes where only one note was played in that shape. These notes did nothing in-game but allowed it to save and export without any issues. These ghost notes always ended up being the bass note of the chord since they marked a finger position that I wanted to be locked down between transitions, though since these were simple two-note chords it would always be whatever note wasn't just played. http://www.gfycat.com/SillySmugIndianspinyloach This gif roughly matches up with the example from the editor above.
  6. Sure, I'll post some examples later when I get home.
  7. I was using ghost notes to retain the correct handshape when moving other fingers around. In this song you have to anchor a finger on a bass note and let it ring out while adding or removing fingers on another string. Some of the notes are only played once before moving the finger again, so the ghost notes allow me to keep that handshape marking on the board and show that finger staying in place.
  8. Trip report with the new handshape changes: It works pretty damn well. I had to chart some extra ghost notes to get things just right but hopefully the result in-game will be worth the extra effort for charters. The only graphical hitch I've noticed is moving from a single finger to a barre requires the game to remove the single finger graphic before placing the barre graphic on that same finger causing it to look a little flicker-y compared to the other fingers. This is just how the Rocksmith graphics are going to work though, nothing any of us could do I think, unless it was possible to mark a barre in a handshape finger pattern that only played one finger. I'm going to update the rest of my chart with the change and then see how it that goes before moving on.
  9. Right, good point there. Thanks for the hotfix again, raynebc, you're a champ. I'll try to play around with my project more tonight and get something worked out.
  10. I'm playing around with the latest hotfix. My lead guitar part will now compile without errors, but my rhythm and bass charts still fail. The XML errors point to a handshape bracket in each chart that end with a /, though neither of the chart have handshapes charted. The error'd ones never contain any information either: <handShapes count="0"/> </handShapes>I'm guessing that / shouldn't be there on the first line. A few side comments: I noticed in my project that if a handshape crosses the boundary of a phrase then in-game the handshape will cut-off when that phrase starts. Would it be possible to set a handshape with just a single note? I'm still throwing in ghost notes for the section where the handshape changes for one note before moving.
  11. Great to hear. I'm getting an issue with compiling anything now but I've posted that in the EOF topic itself.
  12. Looks like you might have an issue with handshapes somewhere, the XMLs are failing to load or compile in the toolkit and it looks like this may be the cause: A closing handshape bracket is added before each handshape in the arrangement. </handShapes> <handShapes count="13"> <handShape chordId="9" endTime="132.694" startTime="124.922"/> <handShape chordId="4" endTime="137.249" startTime="133.497"/> <handShape chordId="5" endTime="141.803" startTime="137.784"/> ... etc ... </handShapes> This is being added to all charts, even ones without manually placed handshapes. Manually editing the XML and deleting the bracket seems to do the trick and the track will compile but the project hangs Rocksmith when I try to test it. I'd do more testing to see if the hanging problem is exclusive to the one chart or not but I've gotta get some sleep.
  13. In the webm I posted earlier was a result of my stretching out the handshapes in EOF with sustains, so at least in the editor it looked like one unbroken handshape but it exported as you see it in the video. I'll play around with the ghost note technique to see how that turns out. Out of curiosity @@Rockfirstlast what did that example look like in EOF?
  14. Yeah, pretty much exactly that. I'm just trying to make it look as clean as possible and clear what the hand is supposed to be doing since in this case the bass note is supposed to ring out the whole time. Otherwise players may try to play it like a riff with individual notes.
  15. What you posted works to a point, the 5-9 section works though the highlighted handshape bar seems to get gaps in it instead of matching the duration marked in the editor. The 5-5 part still has issues though since it is only a single note. Maybe this will help: http://www.gfycat.com/LameRevolvingHoki
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