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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 517

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17 hours ago, nlbsmglsk said:

Normally I'd say sure, no problem. But since that chart has some minor issues I'm gonna have to ask the other players for opinion.

@ADV BASS players: are you ok with the proposed change to the roster?

(if no one says no I'm switch it tomorrow).

I would rather it stays as it is as the inward song has notes that aren't even on the screen,

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I played this a while ago for testing purposes, but I remember it was a fun chart like Clutch songs usually have. 😉


Nice chart, unfortunately I had problems with recognition in this tuning...


This I played a long time ago for testing, I don't remember the chart, but I'll come back to this.


Quite a funny chart, unfortunately the tones are not so good.


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9-42 here on the current main, fixed bridge

9-46 on the guitar dropped to D, with floyd

I have 3 guitars total (excluding the acoustic), the 3rd is another floyd so it's not very nice to change tuning

that's why I have also a multieffect to change the tuning, the old but gold zoom g2.1u from my twenties


they are a bit repetitive but great to play aloud!!



steel panther always fun guaranteed!!!

rhythm for now


ghost will come


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9 hours ago, aNDESmASAMUNE said:

Hi! If possible, can someone send me a link where they explain how you do that? Including installing the song manager... 

Hey, to install song manager you need to scroll up. On the menu bar, click "Tools", then Customforge song manager.

For the guide, just follow this link. What you're looking for is under "pitch shifter": 


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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer
6 hours ago, nlbsmglsk said:

Well, since it's not unanimous I'll leave the decision to @ Rodman .
@ Rodman What say you?

Well - i'd stick with your initial decision as the Bonus song obviously has issues.


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On 11/8/2016 at 8:32 PM, Vodka said:

I hated Royal Republic prev. time. I hate it this time too.

UPD: OK. I hate every song. I guess I need to stop.


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Inter bass

My favourite bass line of the week  started with a 95%

2744ED1A8CB3E74CDE173E179100B829D136D519 (1920×1080)

Advanced bass  Started with a 90%

Love a bit of panther much harder than some of their other bass songs. maybe this is the new bassist ??

E8496ED75FD1A46072492CA0D2BAEF1B78DD46B7 (1920×1080)

Advanced bonus defiantly much easier than the steel panther song

E8496ED75FD1A46072492CA0D2BAEF1B78DD46B7 (1920×1080)

Much easier that the steel panther song fun to play

51551733D81C90F731DFE531726334521F29A49F (1920×1080)

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Happy new week 😁
Doing a few attempts every now and then between Riff repeating the Solo (can only do it at 75% speed yet)

For a diff 6 song, this is more difficult for me than the 6.5 Fugazi song we had a couple of weeks ago, but maybe that one had a score that was too high? 

I still don't really know what kind of difficulty rating I'm at yet


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On 9/18/2023 at 8:55 AM, Rodman said:

10-week leaderboards and Player Xp Levels updated.

@ Rodman
I still wonder, why are some/most players only listed in one single category for the XP Levels? 

For example: Why am I only in the Rhythm Player XP category when it's the category I'm the worst at/play the least?

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