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  1. i'm having problems with this song on bass as well. The tone is just awful and makes the song unplayable. Is there a way to fix it?
  2. First scores for this week! I love the back to black album I haven't played it for a while. The iron maiden song with the chords at the beginning was a bit tricky.
  3. getting better! I don't think I can do any better on the steel panther song, there's only so many times a girl can listen to a guy singing about getting his d**k sucked.
  4. first bass score for this week. great fun on bass and "interesting" lyrics!!
  5. I would rather it stays as it is as the inward song has notes that aren't even on the screen,
  6. my first scores for this week! I had a lot of fun playing this clutch song, hopefully i'll be able to bump up my scores with a bit of practice
  7. my first scores for beginner lead and rhythm for this week!
  8. I couldn't play for very long today as it was soooo hot here in the uk but I managed to get a bit better!
  9. my first scores for beginner lead and rhythm for this week.
  10. My score for today is my worst score ever for advanced bass Even though its a simple song I just couldn't really play it, i don't know why because I got 99% on mama's pearl today so I should have been able to play this!
  11. Beginner lead and rhythm scores first scores of the week.
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