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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 442 - Theme Week: 2022 CDLC Standouts

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I didn't find the time to learn the songs piece by piece (I'm also participating in the reddit weekly spotlight and this week there is Pull me Under, that song speaks for itself) so these are sight-reading tries, for the championship!
I like the variety and I'll give a try to the other songs too in the next weeks

masterclass lead


masterclass rhythm





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Wish you a great Easter Weekend, everyone!!!

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I haven't seen so many new entrants in one week of the championship. Welcome!

12 hours ago, austywells said:

Couldn't get many of this week's songs to work with my PC to Mac converter but these two were fun. I had to shrink my screen shots because I only have 76.65 kB left for uploads

@austywells The place for screenshots on the forum is limited, so we use external hosts like postimages, imgur etc. where we upload screens, and here we only add a link to it.

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