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  1. Finally played more of this week's songs, been lazy with down tuning.
  2. Wooo! Guess Im leading the intermediate lead path haven't competed much the last couple weeks but gonna give these a go after work. Excited to try out a power metal band I haven't heard before
  3. Sight read Second play through. Gonna try to spend more time on this week's selections. I've been slacking in the Championship the last couple weeks
  4. I don't know id this is exactly the thread for it but I played two of the songs from this week and now my audio on the game is really laggy and scratchy. I've restarted it, checked my headphones, and my Mac but its just the game's audio. I don't know what happened or what to do now
  5. Little improvement. Better post these scores before I forget and this week is up lol
  6. Some improvements. I'm not sure why but with Paranoid it won't let me change the difficulty for the intro, may need to download a different version.
  7. First play through sight reads, although I have played a few of the songs off of Seventh Son just not in full album format. Very fun picks this week, been playing a lot of Maiden lately so GOG is right up my alley this week. Still need to play the new Muse song.
  8. Was gonna try improving more of my scores but I ended up playing other songs and I got to see Slipknot this week so I didn't feel as focused. And now I'm stuck at work for 10 more hours made a little bit of improvement on the intermediate lead last night
  9. Sight reads After one or two play-throughs
  10. Good choices this week. Need to spend more time on advanced and masterclass choices. Will be a good challenge for me this week
  11. Ahh gotcha. Thank you! I edited my post to this format
  12. Fun choices this week. Ratings seem about right. That Extreme track is a lot of fun, challenging, but awesome. Metallica is always good.
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