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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 248

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@@Telboy - yeah, you are right .... female artists just don´t have it  :p :p :p

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A couple of updates,     Damn you @@MaZtoR     If only i could do that silly D chord   night night all 

Way above my speed level. Last year I could at least play half of the solo, perhaps I can bring it back.  

starting the week with the Brilliant Arctic Monkeys, excellent choice     missed the screenshot for the better score,       can do better, slight tuning issues i think     just to join the 100% gan

Yeah I really don't understand what the issue is with Adele track. I switched pickups to the bridge, I tried in all positions. I even tried my special "ALL THE PICKUPS" option. I tried playing with a lighter palm mute, with No palm mute, alternate picking, only upstrokes, only downstrokes, keeping my pick tight and perpendicular to the guitar so it thwacks the hell out of the strings on the way by instead of reasonably strumming.  It just randomly doesn't register one or two in a bunch, and it is so not a complicated rhythm. 5 more full playthroughs and 10 mins of Riff Repeater and it's still not registering any differently.  I will conquer this problem if it's the last thing I do.


EDIT:  If I just play twice to four times as many notes it registers much better - playing sixteenth notes throughout the muted powerchords bumped the score to 95% with 150 streak. I tried turning down audio other than the guitar and playing super early seems to also work more often than playing in proper time, I just have to remember to get back on the 'visual beat' for the other chords and the mini-solo. The issue must be connected to my guitar's pickups/wiring and some kind of delay between my hearing what I'm playing and the game registering it as the notes. Sounds perfectly fine to me, but I have noticed the occasional lack of sustain at higher frequencies which may have to do with Rocksmith's Gain adjustments. Bumped that up majorly also (either calibrate at 80% of your volume or just play softly) and that had a positive effect on the inverted power chords 4-3-1 and 6-5-3 registering. 


On the plus side, couple more tries with the Arctic Monkeys and i'm up to 99%, so there's that.


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I've been having the issues with note registration too, but looser palm mutes helped a bit. Sounds ok which is what counts I guess. My recording got flagged for copyright on Soundcloud so I guess it can't be too far off  :lol:




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bass +



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