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  1. Hopefully, this week, I am able to submit my scores in time...
  2. I forgot to post my score before leaving for the WE... What a shame, I would have been the only one on BEG Rhythm :( GOT Rhythm GOT Solo
  3. Aren't there a little bit underrated ? And this week's Rhythm, both BEG and INT, each on their own way, decided to kill my left hand : P.S Is this really a 5 ? I'm so bad :(
  4. I was afraid not to be able to play all this weeks songs, good news ! In the meantime, my scores for Amorphis : Solo is really nice for beginners by I hate Rhythm, my hand hurts :(
  5. I hope someday, I will be able to play this song on a guitar
  6. Just enough time to try the songs once before the new ones :(
  7. Here are the first tries of the week : Underwear deserve some serious work...
  8. I wasn't able to play the last to weeks ans just had time this Weekend to try the new songs:
  9. Hi, what a nice week ! I would have love to play Queens of the stoneage a lot more and Hurt, what a song ! I couldn't believed it was a cover. Johnny Cash's version is just perfect. I'll be away for 2 weeks, have fun without me ;) In the meantime, here are some scores for this week :
  10. Seeing other comments makes me feel better. I tried both BEG and INT lead in SA to be kicked very fast :( I still could manage bass on the first run Thanks to @@diceslinger's idea, I have some motivation to detune ;)
  11. Was able to try the new songs: didn't want to tuned to Drop D tonight and got 3 strikes playing INT Rhythm :( Have a nice week !
  12. The start is difficult, hence the 2 strikes, but after that it went well However, It seems like the bass and Rhythm part of Requiem are very similar. Why is one a 4 (on guitar) and the other one a 7 (on bass) ? Bigger neck ? Right hand technique ?
  13. Let's start this week ! Lead: Rhythm: I had the impression to play ukulele... But moving only finger during the whole song makes MM doable ;) Bass:
  14. If it can help, my scores on Amorphis are : I haven't played lead on this song
  15. Had a little time tonight Has I struggled with the transitions and the rhythm, I tried to write the song structure on a paper and really play it. I may be on something
  16. I think you are getting to the point of moving up, but let me a little time and I'll be a worthy opponent...
  17. Is it me or are the Beginner/Intermediate songs quite difficult this week ? It may be the speed though... Anyway, here are my first tries on this week's selection: Lead: Rhythm: Bass: And because it is really nice to play:
  18. Down stroke and palm mute. It shouldn't be to tiring... Are you left hand muting ? I may not be the best to speak. It took way to long before I understood that 3X0033 was just a G without the index finger... :(
  19. I was able to score above 80% But considering I still cannot pass score attack on the beginner song, it may be too early for me to play in INT Lead... But maybe soon INT Rhythm ?
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