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  1. Happy Birthday fkbackpack!

  2. Not too difficult, but couldn't get the D to register and didn't feel like replaying to bump up my score. May give it another shot tomorrow Beginner Bass: Ashes to Ashes - 89.07% https://i.postimg.cc/D0YCNXdX/20191025184239-1.jpg
  3. Couple of quick sight reads this week Beginner Bass - Walk Idiot Walk: 98.2 https://i.postimg.cc/TwpDQJc3/20191018183002-1.jpg Intermediate Bass - Strange Brew: 94.62 https://i.postimg.cc/x8N1Ns3L/20191018183338-1.jpg
  4. Really underestimated how hard the transition to bass would be
  5. Are the song links broken for anyone else? Sorry if this is a known issue, I haven't been around for a while. Just bought a bass and gonna use this as motivation to practice and get up to speed.
  6. Happy Birthday fkbackpack!

  7. Incremental improvement. This song is really fun!
  8. Getting my first attempt posted just in case I don't find time to try again later in the week
  9. I've never gotten frustrated at this game before, but I know I'm playing this song perfectly and it's just not registering my chords as correct. I might try again tomorrow, but I don't have the patience to listen to Pink one more time in a row lol
  10. That was tougher at first glance than I expected
  11. Probably not worth posting the incremental improvement, but here it is:
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