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  1. Happy Birthday MentalSharps!

  2. The download link for this doesn't work anymore, is anyone able to re-upload it? Or is this functionality (disabling on-disc songs) available in another tool now?
  3. I'm guessing you already figured it out by now, but yes this setup would work for you to get the amp sound without latency + rocksmith game sound, and also through headphones. Just in case.. after using the Lehle to split the signal coming from guitar, the Realtone cable goes into the game, the other cable into your Code 100 head. And then mute the rocksmith guitar volume in the game. for headphones: you need to connect a cable from your PC soundcard's Line-Out, into your Code 100 Line Input 3.5mm. And connect your headphones to the headphone socket on the amp. super easy!
  4. I am interested to do this. I tried it once in the past using CustomForge song manager, but it had issues and I couldn't get it to work. Be great if you could share Morley!
  5. Haha, I have never even thought about it before. I definitely haven't played it, or even listened to it. I should give it a go some day!
  6. This is super easy to do, took literally 1 minute using the link earlier in the thread (here) And to think, I almost didn't bother, because "compiling myself" sounded too complicated! Thanks cozy1 for your work on the tool!
  7. Happy Birthday MentalSharps!

  8. Wasn't able to play the last couple weeks, but definitely want to get a score in this week. I'd like to go into the intermediate category from now please.
  9. No score for me yet on Help... quite a lot for me to get the hang of the chord changes and also learn to do barre chords. I'm up to about 80% speed and it sounds like shit! :lol: . I'm also having the opposite problem with note detection compared to palm mutes.. the game now seems way too generous with registered the chord even though it sounds horrible.
  10. I think it's an interesting idea. Could be good to be able to keep working on the same song and fix up those last things to make it sound good, or try a different challenge. Probably a good system for encouraging people to transition between classes, so it's not such a sudden feeling jump from on to the other. I'll give intermediate a shot, though I think it's maybe a bit too chord heavy for me as a lead. But that's just because I haven't learnt any chords whatsoever just yet. (I was hoping to follow the BB King route.. :lol: )
  11. Literally failed on the last note in master mode :lol: . But it forced me to listen to the song and memorise it almost instantly. Starting to see the value of master mode more now.
  12. @@diceslinger If you enter the menu while in learn a song, there is an option for "Mixer" and you can turn the music volume down and keep the guitar volume higher to hear it isolated. I play through an amp into the PC though, so I have the rocksmith guitar volume muted as well, but it's works the same. Find it quite harder to get the timing right relying on the visuals rather than the sound I think :). The recording software is called OBS Studio which is free, and not too difficult to set up. It's been helping a lot though with doing solos and trying to develop my ear, to record bunch of plays through, then going back and watching the replay and listening and getting a better sense of what it sounds like to over-bend or under-bend.
  13. Had a really good run and then choked on the solo.
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