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  1. I'm ashamed to say I've never heard of Camel.. That opening lick is really cool. Time to go digging through a catalog...
  2. Didn't have too much time to play this week. Hopefully I'll get more shredding time soon
  3. Improved a little bit on the Rush tune.. Didn't quite make it to my 95% goal for this one.. my arm wears out with all the fast strumming for 1 hr+... I still feel pretty good with the progress I made on this one over the 4 weeks.. I'll keep playing this one. I can get that 95%...
  4. Rush is always a fun song to play.. Also made some improvement on Metallica.. I think I can squeeze another percent out of this... I'm running out of time..
  5. Love love love this.. One of my all time favorite albums.. big thanks to @Nacholede for creating the CDLC. I'll be playing this one for a loong time. A few of the charts are a little different from what I'm used to. I'll see if I can't bump this up a couple of points over the next few weeks.
  6. Not gonna lie. I thought I was going to hate this song.. but it was super fun to play. Interesting chord progressions.. Might work on it a little bit more this week if time allows..
  7. Here's what I got for the week. Keep missing easy notes.. so frustrating. Oh well
  8. Did a bit better than I thought I would with this one.. still sloppy..
  9. I improved from the last time we played this one (at least I think we did it before). Still super sloppy.. but passed all the sections!
  10. Interesting song for this week. Here's what I came up with after a few playthroughs..
  11. Interesting song. I think I can improve this a little bit.
  12. Always like playing Metallica songs.. Not familiar with this one, but it was fun to play
  13. So yeah.. I did get a little better.. 100% is definitely possible on this one
  14. Fun song.. I think I can get a little better at this one..
  15. I should have checked the songs for this week sooner.. I love just about everything that Slash does. This is all I could muster with the couple of hours I practiced this.
  16. I've been lurking a while and working on this track. This is one of my favorite albums and loved being able to play through the whole thing in one shot. I know I'm not going to win it this week, but I finally passed it in Score Attack. I feel pretty damn good after finishing this. There were so many attempts where I made it to the last solo in Call of Ktulu before failing 40 something minutes in..
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