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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 248

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A couple of updates,     Damn you @@MaZtoR     If only i could do that silly D chord   night night all 

Way above my speed level. Last year I could at least play half of the solo, perhaps I can bring it back.  

starting the week with the Brilliant Arctic Monkeys, excellent choice     missed the screenshot for the better score,       can do better, slight tuning issues i think     just to join the 100% gan

Got my first runs today.


I must play AC/DC with the crappy guitar (rumours about buying a new one in September to play non-standard tunings). Some chords aren't always recognized. Wonder why this classic has not been included in official DLC yet. I really like the tone.



IMO MC rhythm should be a (9) (I'm thinking about last week's MC rhythm: that was a (9) and compared to Kreator was a lot easier). It's mostly strumming and power chords but there is a lot of fast moving up and down the fretboard and different patterns all the song.

Played it until hands became quite stiff and I couldn't improve anymore.


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starting the week with the Brilliant Arctic Monkeys, excellent choice




missed the screenshot for the better score,





can do better, slight tuning issues i think




just to join the 100% gang


i can't get the AC / DC song to work yet........


night night all

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I'm having the same issues with the note detection in the Adele song. Feels like I should be hitting it but every 3rd note doesn't seem to register. Oh well, I'll give it a few more cracks later because it's pretty easy.









edit: just realized my difficulty somehow reverted in 2 sections to less than 100%. Now I'll definitely have to replay it lol

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  • Administrator

A quick disclaimer for people that have trouble with the palm muted power chord on Adele songs : switching pickup and adjusting your palm to have lighten up the palm muting can make huge difference.


I didn't had issue with my bridge humbucker to get the chord to be recognized 100% of the time so i can assure the track itself is not the cause of the issue itself.


One thing that can also make those harder is to make sure you actual play all 3 strings as keeping palm mute and large picking movement tends to be more complicated to do and RS can be a bit finicky about this.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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@@firekorn and @@fkbackpack the muting parts of the adele song seemed to be OK for me.   I was able to get 99.71 for the rhythm and 98.34 for lead (I think I messed up on something other than the chords - I'll give this another run).  I do use a "softer" mute for the game with my wrist closer to the bridge and as fireforn says if the game shows 3 strings in the chord, you really need to go for all 3 strings (for some reason this seems to result in more misses if you hit just two strings).





The part I seem to mess up (playing mistakes) are those 2 partial g form barre chord sections.  The muted parts seemed to work OK for me. 

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Doing a little bit better getting consistent note detection, but I must still be fat fingering some of those chords on the verse. I don't know why it's showing <100% difficulty in 2 sections, when I played it was maxed out. Turning off dynamic difficulty in the future to avoid this.






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Its been a busy week so far for me so i have had no time to play. But here are my scores from testing.














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When i Saw Adelle @ Wembley i thought half way through the show that i was watching the best female artist i have ever seen............ at the end i thought i have just seen the best female artist i am ever likely to see.

she was fantastic..... and she had a cold.


anyway some scores








and i got AC/DC working,






night night all

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