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  1. Damn. Wish you a quick recovery, man. Good luck.
  2. I'm having beginner lessons at the moment. My teacher sits in front of me and look at me. Hands positioning, how I press the notes (he notices when I don't press near the fret), upstrokes/downstrokes and why in that particular time... He is there for me and not the opposite. From what you say I think you were unlucky with your teacher. About the money, playing and learning music is not that cheap. Here in Italy music lessons usually cost a bit more than lessons to help school boys with their homework, to give you a clue.
  3. @@MaZtoR Take your time and then come back stronger. Well, many of us would not even try playing in your situation. You're already great.
  4. Those slides with the open E string work better if I detune my strings a little and strum harder. It sounds bad but awkwardly RS recognizes more often. And a little improvement at MC rhythm.
  5. It sounds totally awful (played by me). I think this does count, because of the experimental rule about MM, but it was not intentional.
  6. If I understood the rules you have to achieve a 99.5% in a (7) difficulty to get promoted. This week there is a (5), so I think you're safe.
  7. Can you list these "second songs" as bonus tracks in the LB? Sometimes it has been done, and I think it's good for clarity. It surely helps if a new player drops by (I didn't know how this situation was dealt with, too).
  8. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out. EDIT: Your last score on Eye of the Tiger rhythm from week 255 actually changes the rankings (with 97.3% you claimed first place, or am I missing something else?). I updated the score, but can't do more. We need again someone who is allowed to edit the final results.
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