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  1. I like this song. This song could have been 1/2 it's length. It sucks when the vocal track is muddy and so low. I started the Asian Kung-Fu Generation song, but bailed. The sound quality was not good to me.
  2. I now have a lazy eye after that song, 4 plays is more than enough.
  3. 1st and only play though from last Saturday. The songs have not inspired me to play.
  4. Sucking so bad I just don't want to play.
  5. @@LarryPlane, Welcome. Since you posted 100% on the beginner bass, I set you up at Intermediate Bass.
  6. I'm going to have to have a rant a la @Toni-Wan, maybe that will motivate me to play. In that rut where any excuse diverts playing time away.
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