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Hello Magna Charters.

Starting this Wednesday, 9th of July. We are going to allow the adoption of old CDLC.
Old CDLC: Songs that were on SA.

What does this mean for you?

Rule number ten will be changed for this.
Current rule.
Please do not post customs that are not yours without their permission. However you can convert RS1 customs to RS2014 as long as you give the original author credit."

New rule.
"As of 9 July Magna Charters are allowed to add old CDLC to the database If they abide to the Adoption Rules. When Converting RS1 customs to RS2014 please give credit to the original author."


What are the adoption rules?

1. As adopter you will make sure that the custom works and it is your responsibility to fix error's.
2. Every song you adopt is required to have this posted in the release note.


CDLC Adoption Notice.


I have adopted this CDLC. 
The original charter is:

I will be responsible for this CDLC and will fix any errors encountered.


If you do not know who the original charter is.


CDLC Adoption Notice.

I have adopted this CDLC. 
The original charter is: Unknown

I will be responsible for this CDLC and will fix any errors encountered.


3. The original charter can post his own version and request the adopted version to be removed.

If the adopted version has been modified  to such a degree it can be called his own. The adopted version will stay. 

If the original charter uploads his version he can request the adopted one to be removed by messaging a member of staff. The adopted version will only be removed after confirmation that the original has been uploaded.

4. If changes are made, keep a link to the original version in the release notes.

Changes are:
Note fixes.

Sync fixes.
Tone fixes.
Added arrangements.

Added Vocals.

Why is this only allowed for Magna Charters?

You guys have experience with making and maintaining customs.
We can trust you to not massively add all the old songs without making sure they work as they should.

If you have any questions about this be sure to ask them here or send me a pm. 

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Added rule 3 and 4
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This change is more than welcome. That rule should have had zero bearing to begin with. I commend, thank, and appreciate those who rightfully changed this decrepit rule thus breathing new life into this website. Undoubtedly, this change will bring and spread happiness to several various people. Any charter against such a change is nothing more than a selfish maggot. I say this as a fellow charter myself. Once again, thank you very much for this common-sense rule.  

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Hi all,


I will openly admit that I am in favour of not losing any precious contributions. Like Wikipedia or Newton's 2nd law, once something is openly shared I just don't see how it could be taken back. I applaud the gutsy move by CF admins to work toward the greater good but I have a few questions:


1) With the new adoption system, how does an SA charter gone MIA come back to reclaim his abandoned child (his/her creation of a CDLC)? Will the new adoptive parent have to relinquish his new child? Or will the returning parent have to post a new clone which he'll then have mastery over? I'm just enjoying the real-life analogy so please bear with me. :)


2) In honour of the former parent, should we force adopters to always maintain a link to the original CDLC regardless whatever improvements the adoptive parent deems necessary or is pressured into. Of course when you think of a master charter like Glen who puts extra polish and detail in his customs, it feels like that offering should continue to exist untouched like in a treasure trove of archived home videos of the child's nascent years which the adoptive parent must respect in parallel to raising the child in the new best way he/she sees fit.


3) I failed to notice the criteria to become a Manga Charter but I think I have noticed authors of unremarkable CDLC becoming Magna Charters. I might be wrong and I'd be hard-pressed to cite an example off the top of my head but assuming this assertion to be true I am wondering if, to do justice to former greatest hits from SA, if we should not have a higher tier of charter whom, only they could adopt, not unlike the pain-in-the-ass procedures to adopt a real child it seems like only top tier, experienced charters should adopt. Perhaps name a member as "Contributor" as soon as 1 CDLC is uploaded, "Veteran Charter" for charters with either 100 thanks or 100 likes or 5 CDLC's created which each contain all arrangements, lyrics, DD and custom tones to prove the veteran has knowledge in all aspects of charting. Then there could be "Magna Charters" who are the elder statesmen and masters of their craft who have been promoted by the admins and whom could adopt. I am just throwing numbers as an idea. Perhaps the adoption system can also be open to Veteran charters as well as Magna Charters.


4) What happens if an adopter wishes or is forced to hand-over the child to another adopter? Is that a clearly defined transition?


5) What happens if another Magna Charter disagrees with changes made to an adopted CDLC? Will he/she be allowed to branch off and adopt the song too and make his/her changes? This could get hairy and antagonistic. Perhaps my point 2 above of always providing a link to the original can help alleviate this issue, if at least to branch off from an original copy though I think branching would confuse everyone... Given our rules that nothing stops someone from offering competing versions of a given song I guess the current adoption system breaks with that stance and prevents multiple adoptive parents, or does it? The way I imagined resurrecting missing CDLC was for mods to post them and for users to submit proposed updates which need to be approved by mods (or other named experienced and respected curators). Just food for thought. But evidently I do believe you guys have already given this a good amount of thought so I am just asking questions and happy to follow in your footsteps.


I've been so busy in real life that I must admit to having trouble keeping up with all the threads in this forum, so if I am repeating some other thread's debates or made wrong assertions then I am sorry. I only mean well.


Once again congratulations to CF for being an incredible site in which I aspire to spend more and more time and thank-you to those generous adoptive folk who keep the greats alive. And, of course thanks to those people who are MIA and whom we miss dearly that have provided us with their creations we now wish to adopt. I have never been adopted but I guess it must be flattering that unlike a child born and raised by their natural parents and who are not chosen by their parents that you who created a child now sees him/her specifically hand-picked as a progeny of premium choice.


Did you guys miss my long posts? :)

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I just checked my files, which I enthusiastically gathered in the darkest corners on the net in my early days when Smithy Anvil was agonizing and found a lot of old stuff that never made it here. 

I was wondering if 6 month waiting was enough time given to the author to post his work.

I know two guys who decided to keep them on their blog.


You did well to limit this privilege to Magna Charter's ( and thanks for my promotion).

This gives me the ambition to stay on the required level.

I won't throw in a lot of stuff, only songs of undeniable artistic value, and certainly not without checking how they were done, and correcting the structure to make updates possible.


I'm currently reworking Eric Johnson's Manhatten this way for my own pleasure.


Final question : How identify the author, if he didn't stamp his release ?

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I'm currently reworking Eric Johnson's Manhatten this way for my own pleasure.


Which one, mine or..... the one from someone else on SA. Was some mod I believe. I still have it, forgot to upload it. I know the title is wrong (should be Manhattan, not Manhatten). If there's anything else wrong with it, send me a message.


Edit: Or if you want, I can send you the project files.

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Two extra rules have been added to the main post. Be sure to read them.Berneer a reply to the rest is coming ;)

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.... this is all open source in many ways so... names are not supposed to matter that much and owners are non existant, more like the personal illusion of control that is there... if the original creator is unreachable, it should be adopted by the community, if he shows up again, it will already be `his` again... maybe there should be a foster home or something like that, or a seal that defines them as a community inherited RS1 related project.


All that being said ... credits are always due.


I have to question the value of a direct conversion of a RS1 file to RS2014 file because it would lack the notation techniques that make all the difference between the two games... so, wouldn't it always be better to remake it straight from .gp file?

ps. I don`t really know if unpacking a RS1 file will yield a fully annotated eof file, I`m assuming it doesn`t.

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You're better off starting from scratch.


I have to agree with you here, I've personally converted many songs for myself from RS to RS14 and it makes me happy to see how much the quality of CDLC's have improved since then (not saying they're all bad quality but after RS14 I guess I have higher standards now)


But personally I think the biggest issue would be the errors I sometimes get, some songs convert nicely and some just don't.

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