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  1. D4wn

    Skins in RS

    this is exactly what i have been looking for, could you make a clean one with a dark grey or black background just one color theme, also while playing
  2. Has anyone made a custom UI for rocksmith? i would love to have a dark simple UI design and a more user-friendly menu, i got a lot of bought dlcs and with cdlc's its a mess to look through, it would also be nice with a black background when playing a song insted of the flashing speakers in the background
  3. @@firekorn, I hate master mode in the 2014 version, its stupid and works really bad, I liked it better in the first one tho :DD but I learn alot better using normal tabs anyway and have done that before rocksmith even existed :D
  4. I dont use rocksmith then I want to learn stuff, it dosent help me to learn anything, because it learns me songs in the "Guitar Hero way", that I can learn to play the song, but only if I play it though rocksmith, I cant remember the notes, Im just playing what it tells me on the screen :D thats why im using normale tabs to learn from, insted of rocksmith, it makes it alot easier to remember, im not sure if its the same for everyone, but it is for me, I also played guitar before rocksmith, so im only using it to make CDLC's :D
  5. you could also just make the notes in EoF, just right click, and change it to the number you want it to be :D btw, just want to say that your lucky if your making a song with only to different bpm, normaly the songs I make have about 10 or more
  6. if your friend stops playing guitar because he breakes a string, then it isn't worth buying them for him, that just shows, that your friend dont "really" want to learn guitar... it requires time and money.
  7. D4wn

    Adoption System

    adoption of old CDLC....... ?
  8. right now i only got one, but it also cost about 1800 $ and its hard to find for sale, but im working on building my own guitar :D
  9. the songs I have heard from there new album disappointed me a bit D: I liked there old stuff much more, I miss all the keyboard they used to use D: that was what made alestorm so special, in my opinion
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