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  1. Laro

    Skins in RS

    See here goes some info for the ones who want to make his own lofts: First a little explanation about the texutures: In the game there are 3 different textures diffuse, normal and specular. You can recognize the normal and the specular with the last letter of the name, the normal ends in _n and the specular in _s. Diffuse maps: is a texture you use to define a surface's main colour. In order to work well with a normal map and a specular map, a good diffuse texture should not have any directional lighting included, it should only have generic "ambient occlusion" - ie. the surface gets darker in deep cracks and around embossed details. If you are generating your normal maps from high-poly geometry, you should bake a matching ambient occlusion pass from the geometry and multiply this on top of your diffuse texture to make sure that the lighting matches the normal map. Local normal maps: Virtually all geometric surface detail should be represented in bump maps instead of drawn into the diffuse maps in the conventional style. This allows a single texture to take on different characteristics based on its interaction with lights. Ideally, local (or tangent-space) normal maps should be generated from high-poly geometry for the best consistency and surface detail. However, it is often necessary to create normal maps from source photography and textures. This can be done in Photoshop by using the NVidia Tools NormalMap Filter, or using a 3rd-party application such as Crazybump. Two types of images can be used for bump mapping in ETQW; height maps and normal maps. Specular maps: are the maps you use to define a surface's shininess and highlight colour. The higher the value of a pixel (from black to white), the shinier the surface will appear in-game. Therefore, surfaces such as dry stone or cotton fabric would tend to have a very dark specular map, while surfaces like polished chrome or plastic would tend to have lighter specular maps. The colour of a pixel is also used, to calculate the resulting colour of the surface. A very saturated specular map will have a very different visual effect than a grey specular map. If you need a more "neutral" highlight on a surface, your specular map should use the inverse of the diffuse map's colour. Using the same colour on the specular as on the diffuse will result in a more saturated highlight when viewed in the game. You can use contrasts in specular to make a surface appear more visually interesting in the game - for example, this door has a very dark specular for the wood while the metal parts are much lighter, which will make the metal stand out more as a shinier surface when light hits it. This sort of contrast can help make surfaces in the game appear more realistic too. With the right use of textures we can make really nice trhings. Here is an example of the tree textures, diffuse, normal and specular and how it look in a cube: TRU_Stone_Material_22_Cover by Elizabeth Gallagher, en Flickr So now we have the theory to apply it in the game. I'll do the tutorial to modify the game other day.
  2. Laro

    Skins in RS

    Nice work @@Frack. I like to see that we can go further than I first though. :D @@rom Mostly all textures are the same but the game use three different, diffuse, normal and specular. The most easy to modify are the diffuse since they don't modify the light and shininess. You can identify them with the last letter, the normal ends in _n and the specular in _s. You can try modifiying the rug(loft_rug_a.dds), the couch(loft_couch_green.dds).
  3. Laro

    Skins in RS

    Nice amps skins, but I had the same problem when I tried this. I think that programs can't handle so much data too. Maybe the solution is make something similar to inlay's skins and make individual .psarc for each skin. Since inlays and amp skins are unlockable, it should be similar, maybe @@cozy1 knows how to do it.
  4. Awesome. There should be a Customsforge's course. Something like, play this lesson, now this song(a easy song where you can practice what you learnt in the lesson).
  5. I got something similar, even trying different kind of vignettes and I think that's not a vignette. I think that what the game does is just put the brighness lower in the corners. I think that we would need to modifiy the showlights.xml inside loft01_Pc\gamexblocks\venues\loft01.xblock.7z\assets\gameplay\showlights. I've been looking a bit into it but I can't find the way since I have no idea about xmls, here is it, maybe someone can help:
  6. Laro

    Skins in RS

    I apologice for not posting the tutorial. I work at hotel and summer is busy work. I think if it's better if we don't share the .psarc file, but we can make .rar of the modified textures and share that. That way you only have to unpack, replace and pack and it's safe for the community in terms of copyright issues since we won't be sharing any rocksmith file.
  7. @@Fattyshow I would try first changing the configuration in the game, so the are not visual effects(filters they use) and then disable the change to the venues. That way I think there will be only the wall, and thats easy to change. @@SA_JK I can't try right now, but have your tried changing the posteffect_vignette_riffrepeater.dds to green and making transparent the other posteffect textures?
  8. Laro

    Skins in RS

    About nif, no idea. I tried becuase I was bored, but I already though it wouldn't be that easy :lol: I can open the modified headstock in NifSkope and save it again as nif overwriting the original nif, but as I said there are a lot of information that I don't have I don't know where to get it.
  9. Laro

    Skins in RS

    Really nice. I like what you did with the window. I have problems with that becuase they use the texture in a repetitive way, so It's not easy to find a picture that works well, specially when the window in Store part of the loft it's the same but they use with different coordinates. Did you made transparent the light ray of the windows too? I've been trying Noesis to export the nif files. I opened the headstock in Noesis, export to .3ds and opened in 3Ds Max to modify it, then export back to .3ds and opened in NifSkope to save it as .nif. The problem is that there are a lot of information that in this process is lost, since the nif is not just a 3D object and have several information in the header, so it doesn't work. I'll look more into it, there are a lot of tutorial about modifiying nif for skyrim and fallout that I want to try before surrender.
  10. Laro

    Skins in RS

    @@SA_JK I had the same problem with amp textures, failed to re-pack. I think it's because it's too heavy and RS Toolkit can't handle it. Thanks about the Noesis, didn't know about it. I tried and it can read and export to another 3D program to edit it. I think the problem is to import it again in nif so RS can read it. I'll try to use Nifskope for this, but I not sure if it will work since Nifskope doesn't work with the nif version RS use. If it works it could be great. We could create a custom mod for the drum project and a lot more.
  11. Laro

    Skins in RS

    @@DevStereo Thanks. Probably the next thing will be a Pink Floyd themed loft, With bricks wall, pink floyd posters and name in the couch and logo on the arcade wall. There can be moidified animation, lights and filters too, like the arcade machine and the transition to the stage when you start the song, but I didn't try yet. @@Frack I tried the CGT before, but I couldn't find the way to modify venues or the depency_songcomponentes.psarc If the nif files could me modified there would be a lot more of possibilites to mod, but niftools can't open the version of RS nifs ( so we can only modify textures.
  12. Laro

    Skins in RS

    I sent you a PM with the loft and the fret hand mute skin. If anyone else is interested send me a PM. I'm not going to post it publicly for no since there are some original RS material and I don't know what the staff would think about it. I'll make a more advanced tutorial in the next few days, but is quite simple, just unpack, modify the texture and pack again. A simple try is modify the posters: 1. You take loft01.psarc in rocksmith\venues and unpack it with RS Toolkit 2. Go to where ever you unpacked it to \loft01_Pc\assets\generic\env\the_loft and look for loft_posters.dds and change the posters. 3. Pack it again and place it back in rocksmith\venues I changed this: http://i.imgur.com/kllJBLR.png For this: http://i.imgur.com/hFuurOj.png This are the easiest skins since you use only diffuse maps, and not normal and specular.
  13. I've been modifying the textures of the game, mostly for boring and make it more visual friendly for me. Creating custom guitars and custom lofts: Loft: http://imgur.com/a/sdT8M Guitar: http://cloud-2.steamusercontent.com/ugc/708528119653520712/111DEAEDB0AAEEA7533703664D75096FFCAB25B0/ Recently I made another custom texture in the chord pans. The idea is too make more different the fret hand mute chord and the palm mute chord, so I change the fret hand mute chord pan writing in a F (of fret): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474442621 Not sure if anyone have that problem too or have already change textures. Just though about open a thread to share what I've done and if anyone is interested I can share it.
  14. Maybe is because the tabs. I tried to make few CDLCs about bands like Nargaroth but there are not accurate tabs and I don't have the skills to transcribe the songs. But there is a CDLC of Bathory - A fine die to die by @@then3verend, it should not be too dificult to make Emperor - A fine die to die since it's a cover.
  15. I also played some Burzum, Summoning and Ulver and there are good CDLCs. EDIT: There's also a CDLC of Enslaved made by me.
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