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  1. I remember hearing from some people that they have all CDLC downloaded, which is probably around 150 to 200GB. I doubt they will want to archive that whole bundle and upload it. Also if you have all the CDLC installed, your game will never finish enumerating. It's best to just download only the songs you need. Also if you have the whole database downloaded there's a big chance that one of the files corrupts your save file as we have had CDLC before that did that. We're also not very fond of bundles because bundles can sometimes contain songs that became official DLC.
  2. Make sure you have the right .dll file, there is also an old version which might be in some Youtube tutorials still (correct file: http://customsforge.com/topic/33138-rocksmith-remastered-cdlc-fix/ ) Make sure it's in the right folder (...\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\D3DX9_42.dll) Also, is Cherub Rock loading or is it not loading either?
  3. Is there any website that Norton doesn't recognize as a dangerous website?
  4. So my game didn't recognize my cable or any microphone either. I set the cable to my default recording device and enabled audio exclusivity mode, I started the game and it gave me a loud crackling noise whenever audio played in the game. I went to the settings in the game and used the 'Restore default settings' button. I restarted the game and everything seemed fine, apart from the game muting all other audio on my PC. So I went to options and disabled Audio Exclusivity, set the resolution back to normal and all the other settings that got reset. I restarted my PC so all audio is restored in the programs I had running when Rocksmith muted them. Everything works fine now, I'm watching Twitch TV while playing some songs on Rocksmith using the real tone cable.
  5. If you play a song, B standard or below, you can already see if it will work or not by looking at the bottom right when tuning. If it says 440Hz, it won't work.
  6. Dropbox is free, just create an account, make a folder called CDLC, made a folder in that with the song name and artist. Drag your .psarc file into it, click the Share button and copy the link. Then fill in this simple form and voila, you have now uploaded the CDLC to Customsforge.
  7. I love ska like this, I need more http://i.imgur.com/CteOxhg.jpg
  8. Also on Songsterr you can download the Guitar Pro files of the songs, if you can find them there. I've also found a few on other sites by just googling: artist - title guitar pro. If there are really no tablatures there is no other option than getting a copy of Guitar Pro and charting it yourself from maybe text tablatures, a tablature book or recognizing the notes. Also I have to move this topic to 'Help & Support' since this forum to ask people to help you with some specific part of a CDLC like testing it. Maybe creating a tone for you.
  9. May I asked: How did you solve the hanging issue when going over the song exactly? I have the same issue, but could not solve it until... Thanks in advance :-) Well you open the Rocksmith Custom Toolkit, you import the psarc. Then you have to select the arrangement. There you change the tuning frequency and the tuning if necessary.
  10. Solved the issue already, imported the .psarc to the toolkit, changed the frequency
  11. This tool used to work for me, I played Ab standard bass without any problems. Then suddenly I had a new CDLC, I used the bassfix, I went to the song in the song list and the game froze. I tried it with other CDLC and all bassfixed CDLC make it freeze. After some time I had a new hard drive so I had to reinstall Rocksmith 2014. I tried the bassfix again and once again it crashed Rocksmith. Now I got a new PC, I try the bassfix again, maybe it was my old PC. Same issue, once I move over the song it freezes. Today I've been working on a special CDLC, I put bass inside of the rhythm part so I can use a 5 string bass. I couldn't tune it down to low A, so I tried the bassfix. It gave me this error first http://prntscr.com/8gmblk Then I tried it again with Quick Fix and that gave me a bassfix file. I put that file in my DLC folder and moving on it made the game freeze again. Can this be fixed or is there another way how we can fix it manually or so?
  12. I somehow clicked the 'Submit' button when filling in the form to upload a CDLC and it added it twice to the list. Is it possible to delete one of the two?
  13. Would there be a way to change all the backgrounds of Rocksmith so you could use a chroma key to remove everything except for the notes, amps, text,... This would be very nice for my live stream. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me.
  14. It still decides to delete the executable after a while but I can use the program when I install it. I left the .rar file into the file so every time I use it, add the .exe from the .rar back to the file, open the .exe, change the IPs and soon he'll remove the .exe again which I then extract again next time. Only takes a second.
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