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  1. you might wanna fight that copyright claim, considering its YOU playing the song
  2. Strange compared to what I normally find myself listening to, but I have definitely opened a new door of music for myself today. I was listening to a playlist that had some Hatebreed in it on youtube (Hatebreed is by far my favorite band), and had a song suggestion come up called "Sunday School" by a band called Cane Hill. Checked it out, found that I really enjoyed it. Saw it was on the record labels youtube channel so I decided I may as well check them out and see what other bands they had. Discovered whatever genre this metal can be called, but seems to have a mix between melody vocals as
  3. I frequent LiveLeak daily, I agree there are better outlets for musical videos such as what we make here lol
  4. Not sure if you know about manually leveling your songs through riff repeater, but just in case (better safe than sorry!), hit space bar in a song, select the ENTIRE SONG at the top (hold your ZERO button down and it should scroll it to the right and select the whole song on your "radar" on the top) and then scroll to...I think it says difficulty, I don't remember. You will be able to slide it to 100 though, which is full tabs. Turn auto leveling off if you don't want it to change through Dynamic Difficulty, and then exit riff repeater. This is a lot easier than playing a song multiple times
  5. We had a star system that was developed shortly before the fall of SA and it totally wrecked havoc. A star system relies on opinion, and what happened was people would see songs uploaded by artists they didn't like (example: Justin Beiber) and get destroyed with 1 star ratings from people who never even downloaded it. There were MANY instances of people leaving comments that were basically "screw this song, 1 star for wasting your time on this song" and so on. A direct star system would be horrible, though there is a star rating you can give the record page on these forums, I do look at that,
  6. I agree that I don't use DD anymore, but I did when I first started. It was helpful for my first time ever picking up a guitar. About bass being easier, I disagree. It's just a different instrument is all, but if you find your songs are too easy, there are ALOT of songs on here that will give you a run for your money :P It's pretty easy for certain genres though, such as punk, oldies, etc. Download some METAL :P
  7. Cool, ty. I know of Trivium and they tend to be quite fun. Death metal as a music genre to me seems to be lacking something, though I do like a few select songs I hear occasionally so I will check out your recs. thanks again -)
  8. The riff repeater tricks works for the most part, but it will still level you down in spots if you do bad enough, which I really find annoying
  9. I find it's a great idea, but I REALLY REALLY wish that it would not level down (it still does when you do the riff repeater trick but it just isn't as often) If I want it to level down, I would have turned the damn level up thing off...
  10. Cool, let us know what song it is and when it's ready :D
  11. I have had the same strings on my bass guitar since I bought it about a year and a half ago, and I re-tune it probably 20 times a week MINIMUM going everywhere from B to E (I have alot of songs downloaded from here that I play almost on a daily basis and they are all different tunings cause I gravitate towards metal). They still perform flawlessly with no issues, keep their tone, etc. They are standard gauge bass strings, and while a C or B makes the string a bit loose, that just means I play it harder and there aint a damn thing wrong with that :D I don't believe the hype about re-tuning
  12. I was wondering if anybody could point me towards any good metalcore/hardcore/etc songs/bands that we have available for download (I'm a bassist) I keep track of the download list on a daily basis but there are still quite a few that sneak by somehow. Any good songs or bands to search for on here? I am always looking for new songs to jam with,
  13. Strange enough, I formatted my computer like 2 weeks ago, and Rocksmith retained all of my song progress, training, etc. even after a full wipe and reinstall of my hard drive o_O I'm kinda like wtf after reading this thread lol
  14. Oh, I also checked out OOMPH on youtube, and they sound pretty good as well. Thanks =)
  15. Not the song I am after, but that's a badass song and I downloaded it to rock with some bass later lol Thank you! The singer sounded like what I am after though
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