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  1. Okay, I did not check beta toolkit version. Thanks.
  2. Update on that: Unpacking and repacking does not fix 100% master glitch for my songs. Next I`ll attempt to unpack and redo the CDLC creator thru Toolkit, maybe that works. After that I`m out of ideas, any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the update on the CFSM with the bulk remastering of songs! For some unknown reason, some of my CDLC (Dance Gavin Dance and Mars Volta so far) are not remastering thru the CFSM bulk repair. Error message: Corrupt CDLC... Moved file and added to error log. The full log did not show up at all because CFSM crashed. Is there a standard procedure to fix this error thru CFSM or the Toolkit? Next thing I`ll try doing is to use the Toolkit to unpack-repack the songs... we`ll see.
  4. Don`t shush me dude, I`m not talking shit, I`m trying to talk about the `Remaster` of Rocksmith 2014. This bear did not feed me, I fed it with about 150 dollars worth of cash and this community has tamed it and very easily like you said and now the bear gets a long term banquet thanks to every charter here. I`m out.
  5. I disagree on a few points here. It might have been accidental that the 100% glitch on CDLC occurred, but based on this only it is not possible to say that they are not trying to ruin CDLC. Since they don`t give support to CDLC and modding it`s actually indicating the intention to break it. Why does Songs2See provides a software to help you chart the tab to a music so you can use in the game but Ubisoft doesn`t? Why are they so afraid of EMI and Warner`s lawyers? Why don`t they stick with the teaching instead of gaming and just disclaim it all for educative purposes?
  6. Shouldn`t the MAC OSX gamers also have a specific FAQ entry?
  7. Thanks for this index, very useful!! I know that the definition of what Prog Rock could be is too personal. I wouldn't place Mars Volta in this list though (I would say it is post-hardcore, if this is in I would add Tool as well), I would also include Billy Cobham (got 2 songs - although someone might argue that it is more like a fusion-jazz style), Cream and Taste (again they may be classic rock or fusion).
  8. I'm listening to Sweet Billy Pilgrim, it has some definite old school prog moments in it, but I guess it would fit more appropriately in Psych Folk genre overall. I would suggest anyone to listen to brazilian prog rock band A Barca do Sol, from the 70s, it's highly refined stuff like Gentle Giant.
  9. Love the work of all of you! Please keep it up!!
  10. Greatly admire your Wes Montie customs, I've been doing 4 on 6 and D natural blues for a while now and getting so much better at them. Also played your A7X and they all sound awesome. Thanks for your work!! Please please, do more Jazz guitar classics, it would be so awesome to have more jazz standards up in CustomsForge, imagine the real book in Rocksmith... Names for requests... but you know them... anything by Joe Pass, Django, Charlie Byrd, Wes, George Benson.
  11. Hey I thought I'd just say thanks a ton for all the DGD traks, good to see someone else in the community likes them as much as I do. Keep on rocking!

    1. RufusDelta


      Sure dude, this band kicks ass so much it hurts.

  12. .... this is all open source in many ways so... names are not supposed to matter that much and owners are non existant, more like the personal illusion of control that is there... if the original creator is unreachable, it should be adopted by the community, if he shows up again, it will already be `his` again... maybe there should be a foster home or something like that, or a seal that defines them as a community inherited RS1 related project. All that being said ... credits are always due. I have to question the value of a direct conversion of a RS1 file to RS2014 file because it would lack the notation techniques that make all the difference between the two games... so, wouldn't it always be better to remake it straight from .gp file? ps. I don`t really know if unpacking a RS1 file will yield a fully annotated eof file, I`m assuming it doesn`t.
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