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Community Answers

  1. Are you sure you have downloaded the Mac version of the cdlc (_m.psarc) and not the pc version (_p.psarc)?
  2. Oh right on! It's nice that is available until the new ignition comes out with that functionality built in! :)
  3. Are you using any script blocking? Have you tried deleting your cache and refreshing?
  4. I let our staff know. Please post here if it is fixed and if you fix it how. :)
  5. Blackjack8 ? There are no restrictions on your account.
  6. Don't know but we'll find out. What is the name of your other account?
  7. The page is showing up as within a group (which you cannot access if you are not a member of the group) so yes that is why you can't access it. But, the page should not show up under that part of the forums. Something is wrong there. We are looking into it now. :)
  8. Did you ever get this worked out? If so how?
  9. For now you will need to opent he record page to find any alternative links for mac, xbox, and ps. The default download links are always for pc. In the new version of ignition (currently in development) we will have a better method for accessing those links. :)
  10. Do my suggestion then and let us know what happens.
  11. Do you own Cherub Rock? Try reinstalling and just using the dll (not the patcher).
  12. Yes. Open the song then pause and go to the riff repeater. There you can set the difficulty level.
  13. Of course, I will help if I can but you've not really given me much to go on. Like I said I've let our dev staff know and they may have some idea of whats wrong. In the mean time let me know if you think of anything else that might be related to this issue.
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