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  1. Happy Birthday spliffst4rr!

  2. Happy Birthday spliffst4rr!

  3. Happy Birthday spliffst4rr!

  4. Will do. Though when I comment in that thread, I'll likely post links to the updated psarcs so you guys can edit them into the database. Since it's only applying the bass fix to songs that need it, I'm not hijacking anyone's work. Just making their work playable for bassists!
  5. I guess I'll have to then. Though, one can understand my frustration in having to go through my 1500+ songs, gathering the ones that need the fix, actually fixing them myself and then giving you guys a list of bass-fixed songs I've done with a link to a Dropbox folder or Google Drive folder with the updated psarcs. Not saying I won't, because I'm definitely going to. To anyone else, if you'd like to help me out with this task, you're more than welcome. We could get a little committee together to work on them or something. I think our 136,434 members would be quite thankful to all those who take the time to get all the CDLC's to full completion.
  6. This I suppose a bit of a hybrid suggestion/complaint. I'm a bass player, solely. I gave up on guitar the moment I first picked up the bass I now call my own. Now, my style is traditionally metal, with a lot of the songs I have downloaded to play being Drop B or lower. The problem? I can't play more than half of them because the bass fix isn't applied to them. This is going for some songs that have been posted all of not even a month ago. If you're a charter on here, and the bass tuning for the song is B Standard, Drop B, or lower, why would you NOT put the fix in? It's essentially screwing us bass players over. Is it really our responsibility to unpack the file and edit the tuning in EOF ourselves even though it's not our job to ensure that the customs another user makes are as playable as possible? Hell, I've never even attempted doing such a thing so I don't even know if you can do that. I find it frustrating since by now, the bass fix should be common knowledge for all Charters on CustomsForge. Trust me, as a charter myself I know the amount of work that goes into creating a custom, but editing the tuning on EOF to account for the bass fix isn't something that takes hours. It's a 30 second process with the most minimal arithmetic required. Anyways, I'm sorry if I sound a little salty, but I think anyone on here that plays bass can understand how it's highly frustrating to download a song only to find out the bass is completely unplayable. Why not add another mod group who have the task of going through the CDLC records, and sending messages to the specific charters about their songs with a lack of the bass fix, requesting it be updated or face removal until it gets added? Having 100+ songs downloaded that I can't even play is just ridiculous. Hell, I'll even take up the task of doing this myself, I don't care, as long something gets done about this. #InitiateTheBassPolice
  7. I'm a little disappointed with their song choices. Thunderhorse, totally agree with. I'd have preferred to have had Bloodlines and Laser Canon Deth Sentence instead of Awaken and Go Into The Water, though personally.
  8. I use a Hetfield Black Fang 0.94mm Ultex by Dunlop.
  9. I've got one SA-era song, but I have no idea who made it. What then?
  10. Hey there everyone! Welcome to my CDLC workshop for Rocksmith 2014! I'm a new user to the site and totally brand new to the world of Rocksmith customs. Here you will be able to find all of my CDLC released, news for my future projects as well as a place for you to request any songs you want if you enjoy my customs! I primarily create metal customs, as I think other than some staple bands there's not enough metal created for Rocksmith, so I want to be the vaccine to that if you will! Here's a list of what I have currently released to date: COMPLETED: "I Fucking Hate You" by Godsmack"This is Now" by Hatebreed"Under and Over It" by Five Finger Death Punch"The Bleeding" by Five Finger Death Punch"Home Is for the Heartless" by Parkway Drive"Clouds Over California" by DevilDriver FUTURE PROJECTS: ​"Gravedigger" by Architects CURRENT REQUESTS: "End of the Line" by DevilDriver
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