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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 393

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Capo weeks are good for someone who has participated in the championship for a long time and by playing the same songs, might find out what progress he has made since then. For me, it's basically a normal week.


This is the hardest beginner song I've ever seen here. More suitable for advanced or possible that I'm a noob 😅




It's hard to believe, but I played the song for the first time...



I'm scared of Billy Talent because I always have problems with their style. I'll try later.

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Back from another day of practice. This time with a Score Attack version of the Homem do... lala. I think it's a bit difficult to get perfect attacks, butthe song as such is no problem.


The spirits of teens flow in my veins. 🙂 Though I played a wrong note in the beginning... Damn. And it's a tough song, my fingers get all used up.


The bonus bass part is a bit easier, but at least I get to use my pinky. 😛 I don't know if it's part of the competition, but better safe than sorry.


And finally I tried more of the intermediate song. It's okay... until that very fast ad difficult part. The play through was a bit better to day, but when I practice I can only get to around 85% speed (in the difficult part). This is still better than yesterday, but I think it's quite a long way from full speed.



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Thought I would give this one a try after @Rodman's recommendation.   Seems much harder than Teen spirit and is way beyond my sight-reading skill, hopefully will have time later to run it again.

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@Mikson @AllPlayers - 😄 .... hardest beginner song ever.... well i tried to level up to int on Rob Zombie - Black Sunshine and made it to 98.05 in 85 tries 6 years ago if i remember correctly, that one may be even a bit harder... but the song this week being int/adv, absolutely agreed, ... howecer that was our rating then, actually it was a straight 3 - so it´s da capoed as Chuck Norris beginner challenge. And always remember... when Chuck Norris is doing push ups he actually pushes the world down.... and so shall you!

Chuck Norris does not do phone calls, he screams!

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Finally, I managed to achieve 90% on beginner song so I'm very happy about it!



The rhythm part is not very difficult, because these arpeggios are parts of basic chords. Unfortunately there are no hand shape makes it difficult to read the chart.


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