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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 240


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welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship

-= Week 240 =-





READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships

Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules


Last week's winners:


  • Lead:

Beginner:       @@ZeroPingNZ

Intermediate:  @@JohnCryx

Advanced :     @[member=Anwyn - leveling up to ADV and takes that win, congrats

MasterClass:  @@Stark_Knight

God of Guitar: na

  • Rhythm:

Beginner:       loose trophy, anyone?

Intermediate:  @@ZeroPingNZ - yes, yes, you are leveling up to INT and take that win!!

Advanced:      @@JohnCryx

Masterclass:   @Fandaru - leveling up to MC and taking that win, congrats


  • Bass

Beginner:        @@Bounours

Intermediate:    @wrentheseedling

Advanced:        @@ZeroPingNZ

Masterclass:     @@MaZtoR



Congrats to all winners. Well done!



This week's songs are:


Lead Path:


Beginner:        M - Qui de nous deux (3)    chosen by @@Bounours

Intermediate:   Elektryczne Gitary - Przewróciło się (5)    chosen by @@Mortalo
Advanced:       Nightwish-Master Passion Greed (7) (Drop D)   chosen by @@Tonedef

Masterclass:   Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (8)     chosen by @@Rodman (the ancient CS ghost) - originally played week 7 (!), before anyone of us was in.


The gods demand: Evile - We Who Are About To Die (10)   chosen by @@JokerTheAnarchist



Rhythm Path:

Beginner:        M - Qui de nous deux (3)
Elektryczne Gitary - Przewróciło się (5)
Advanced:     Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (6.5)
Masterclass:  Evile - We Who Are About To Die (9)


Bass Path:


Beginner:        M - Qui de nous deux (4.5) 

Intermediate: Elektryczne Gitary - Przewróciło się (5)

Advanced:      Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (5.5) 
Masterclass:  Evile - We Who Are About To Die (8.5)


Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


Exercise Challenges:

1st Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise: Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths
3rd Exercise: Blues Comping 3 in G major (funky)
4rd Exercise: Blues Comping 4 in E major (shuffle)
5th Exercise: Blues Comping 5 in E major (dirty Texas Blues style, shuffle) (more challenging lead guitar (adv), rhythm and bass more intermediate with a real audio track (no GP RSA converted)

Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the  exercises scoreboards
Honorable list Diehard Member:


Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:



Rock On!

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@@Rodman I thought I was ADV already. I scored above 97% in three consecutive weeks (230-232) in INT Lead. All songs were difficulty 5.


I'm taking that win. Time to up the game a little.

Roger that.


Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk

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  • "Like a bird on the wire, Like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my own way to be free" Leonard Cohen - RIP
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Masterclass:   Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (8)     chosen by the one who chose it, gd...



Hey, I don't remember doing that! You guys pick more than enough Metallica without me picking it too. :lol:



No, all is good :p

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upleveling news:


@@Anwyn - levels up to ADV lead, taking the win instantly

@@ZeroPingNZ - levels up to INT rhy, taking that win, too - he will be playing that beg songs also for a while and beg for a downlevel if needed (won´t - i tell you)

@@Fandaru - levels up to MC rhy, and the win is his, here too.




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upleveling thoughts:


There are a lot of new players (cool), so after a while a few lines of info how we handle it:


Back in the old days upleveling and downleveling was very strikt and sometimes led to bad blood, especially when bass players were forced to level up to MC ( ;) , g.o. times, sigh...). Adaptions were made and over the years the now-active very good simple ruleset was developed:


- You enter the CS - you choose your classes freely

- You can choose a class of any difficulty for lead, rhy, bass seperately or also compete in only some/one.


1) Autoupleveling at 99+ on a highest rated song of the class (3/5/7 - beg/int/adv) lead and rhy or 99.5+ for bass (cause it´s sooo much easier, almost not worth the effort :P :P :P ) unless the player votes against it and the players of his old class let him stay!


- Important addendum seldomly used: One week is short, yes. There are great upleveling songs in the week and one just doesn´t find the time cause silly stuff like rl - yes. If you are (and that is the good way ;) ) an oldschool upleveler you can take as much time as you want to practice on any fitting song played formerly in the cs, and when you got your desired score post it, just please with the commentary that this is your levelup!


2) But you can uplevel anytime, just shout and you are up


3) Also - you can downlevel anytime (there are no % or whatsoever for that), just scream and if we orgas think you are not too strong, you go down.


And that is already it.


Have fun, rock until you level up! (then just rock)




@@Anwyn - i hope that does also answer that 97+ question!

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Rodman, alright :)

I think me being unable to do even the beginner songs is due to Rocksmith bugs or not registering the notes... so I'm ok with staying in intermediate for now. And just to prove it, I suddenly remembered I used to play rhythm in uni days (not for long) and was doing alright.

Just tried this and impressive for sight-reading at my level. I played it on bass already though and the rhythm follows it.




Don't like this song at all! It's just too noise with the guitar so much louder than the rest of the song, I couldn't hear any melody or singing



Had to try Metallica...



Rhythm is much easier though




And these foreign songs... I guess Polish and French?








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Have a nice week everyone!

Let's start from pain for my hands...e7H1y3S.jpg

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I'm not an English speaker. Sorry for possible mistakes.


Don't watch my Twitch streams if you want to save your ears.

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Here's my first trys.


Lead, needs work.



gYC7TO3.jpgjn7HNzw.jpgAgain, kind of oddly I've done better on advanced bass.




Needed bar chord practice but now my hand hurts.

fZwr6rr.jpgThis one is good open chord practice but he sounds so relaxed I almost fall asleep and miss the fast chord changes.


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I'll start my job in June, probably I will play less than usual...


I know I can improve here. 



Here I realize I'm strumming when not needed and not-strumming when it's time to strum. Though I think it's kinda cheating just overstrumming, no one would notice (and my accuracy would go up). I'm trying to play along the song, but I admit I still can't follow the rhythm in these first runs.


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