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  1. Starting a little earlier this week. With lead, I don't think this is a great version of the song either. Bass Love this song, hoping to get the lead down, it's more enjoyable than Billy Jean. Let's see what happens next.
  2. It's been too hot for me to play guitar this week so all I have is Bass
  3. You may need to adjust your guitars intonation. Loads of guides for this on the net. Here's one I found edit: Changed url the other guide was a bit rubbish When I first set up my guitar I used the harmonic method, were you compare the 12th fret harmonic with the pitch of the string at the 12th fret. I felt this was the most accurate method and it did give good results.
  4. Managed to make some improvements. Lead Bass
  5. Ok, this is more difficult than a 3. Those quick changes to barre chords throw me, going to take lots of practicing. A fun to play Rhythm song, hope to do better on this. Relatively easy bass
  6. If this only happens with the one cdlc then the cdlc is the problem. Try running it through the repair feature on CFSM.
  7. This is pretty late, haven't had much time to practice this week so just worked on Lead. Started at 79% managed to get it to creep up to 83%. Hope to do better next week. :)
  8. You've just made me realise I could have been using the sends on my 8 track mixer instead. Damn, I've been working inside the box for too long.
  9. I've tried to do this before but I've never managed to get the realtone cable hack to allow me to use ASIO on my Focusrite 2i2 so I have to stick to my official cable. This is more of a sidenote but could be of interest for those looking at audio routing. I revisited this yesterday after this post reminded me, I did more searching and discovered SAR (Synchronous Audio Router). If you have an audio device with a genuine ASIO driver (not ASIO4all emulation) you can create virtual endpoints, (inputs and outputs that show up as audio devices in Windows as long as the DAW is running) to route
  10. ToxRS

    CDLC Requests

    @@sealab_2021 this isn't the correct place to report it. If you visit the record page for the cdlc you will see that an alternative download link was posted.
  11. According to the message displayed from Dropbox, he's hit his download limit. Maybe try another time.
  12. @@brubeck99 You can add DD with CustomsForge Song Manager, it might not be as great as if it was done manually by the creator but it might help you play something ahead of your current ability.
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