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  1. my most heartfelt condolences, man, hang in there. big ups for keeping this whole shebang up, CF changed my entire guitar playing life.
  2. in the video Rocksniffer is in the top right corner displaying the decimal percentage, does that not count?
  3. why was my Octavarium submission counted as only 96% when it was 96.71%?
  4. Masterclass Lead 99.6% God of Guitar 96.71% (this is my sightread of Janfilippino's chart from a stream back in august) i hope it's a valid submission, i don't want to play this song again, even if i'd do better
  5. Masterclass Lead 97.08% (sightread) damn this song is hard to get a high % on, but it's very fun to play. never heard it before, i like it a lot!
  6. get this: even after all these years, i still don't have a bass
  7. Masterclass Lead 99.09% (sightread) i could probably grind out the platinum pick
  8. I HAVE RETURNED TO REIGN ONCE MORE (lol) [i'll stick to lead, just so i don't cause another controversy like back in week 162, anyone remember that? hahaha, good times] Masterclass Lead 99.1% God of Guitar 93.41% i could defintely do better in both, if i wasn't drunk and my hands weren't freezing off here's an old video of me playing Checkmate, back when it was released:
  9. lead masterclass 94.53% hey everyone, long time no see, saw it was megadeth, decided to give it a quick run, its late at night and ive had a few beers hope all is well with everyone, godspeed to the servers
  10. I know my custom is too loud guys, sorry :( use your own tones, I do that
  11. God Of Guitar 97.84% Master Class Lead 99.58% (actual sightread lol) Master Class Rhythm 99.27% Master Class Bass 94.83% (note detection is fucking abysmal on this one)
  12. Master Class Lead 97.6% Master Class Rhythm 99.59% Master Class Bass 100% | 3,269,669 time to climb to leaderboard #1 on all three arrangements again.
  13. God of Guitar 95% (I sure wish I did this one on Score Attack)
  14. No. Just this one time I had the chance to play on bass.
  15. God Of Guitar 94.15% Master Class Lead 98.68% Master Class Rhythm 98.98% Master Class Bass 99.3% (Played on an actual bass just this time.)
  16. Master Class Lead 99.46% Master Class Rhythm 99.84% Master Class Bass 100% | 1,904,287 Check newer post.
  17. just dont delete me off the leaderboards pls boss thx Master Class Lead 97.11% http://i.imgur.com/y32BqB9.jpg Master Class Rhythm 97.01% http://i.imgur.com/e0CuqCP.jpg Master Class Bass 99.84% http://i.imgur.com/FUbMbsH.jpg
  19. right, no saturday is the only day i can sit down and go over the songs what I posted just now is all first/second tries
  20. ( I AM MISSING A FUCKING HIGH E STRING ) God of Guitar 88.77% http://i.imgur.com/fSgVdHU.jpg Master Class Lead 97.05% http://i.imgur.com/QidgXUz.jpg Master Class Rhythm 96.38% http://i.imgur.com/QYPUzY1.jpg Master Class Bass 100% | 2,465,450 http://i.imgur.com/yN8SWQt.jpg PS. I'm posting scores so early because I'll be gone for the rest of the week, so if someone beats my scores, screw you in advance haha :P
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