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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 234


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welcome to the CF Rocksmith 2014 Championship

-= Week 234 =-





READ THIS FIRST =>> How and Why to Join the Championships

Read this second =>> Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules


Last week's winners:


  • Lead:

Beginner:       @@Hawckins

Intermediate:  @[member=Telboy]

Advanced :     @@MaZtoR

MasterClass:  @


GoG: @@Stark_Knight


  • Rhythm:

Beginner:       N/A

Intermediate:  @@mackaybre

Advanced:      @@Telboy

Masterclass:   @


  • Bass

Beginner:          N/E

Intermediate:    @@wrentheseedling

Advanced:        @@MaZtoR

Masterclass:     @@Poutzy



Congrats to all winners. Well done!



This week's songs are:



Lead Path:


Beginner:        Swift Horse - Ko Otani    (2)   chosen by @@Gamut

Intermediate:   Led Zeppelin - Kashmir  (4)     chosen by @@RSjeffH
Advanced:       Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee  (7) chosen by @@Fraggle Baggle

Masterclass:   Agalloch - As Embers Dress the Sky   (8) chosen by @@Kosa


The gods rest this week...


Rhythm Path:

Beginner:        Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee  (3)
Intermediate:  N/A
Advanced:      N/A
Masterclass:  Agalloch - As Embers Dress the Sky (Eb)   (8)

Bass Path:


Beginner:        Led Zeppelin - Kashmir  (3)

Intermediate:  Agalloch - As Embers Dress the Sky (Eb)   (5)

Advanced:      Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee  (7)
Masterclass:   Wobbler - Fermented Hours  (9)


Share with us your opinion on this weeks songs difficulty scores (1-10).


Exercise Challenges:

1st Exercise: Blues Comping 1 in A major shuffle
2nd Exercise: Blues Comping 2 in A major - straight 8ths
3rd Exercise: Blues Comping 3 in G major (funky)
4rd Exercise: Blues Comping 4 in E major (shuffle)

5th Exercise: Blues Comping 5 in E major (dirty Texas Blues style, shuffle) (more challenging lead guitar (adv), rhythm and bass more intermediate with a real audio track (no GP RSA converted)

Everyone can bring up new scores that will be added to the  exercises scoreboards
Honorable list Diehard Member:


Classless, Fearless FreeBird Members in their endless battle with the fb police:



Rock On!

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Gamut now active again on Youtube!

Gamut on Twitch

Gamut on Twitter

Gamut Customs


Come join us in the Rocksmith Championship!

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Joins A.T.W.A in "so not a 3" category. Arguably can be hard to play it clean due to some heavy distortion, but not hard enough. Much easier then previous week: no really fast parts and techniques beside plain old single notes + as this is a cover no "model" sound to match against.


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Shitpost Specialist 

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@@MaZtoR moves to MasterClass Bass from Advanced.


@@Gamut oh, Janis, it was rated as Beginner and I really didn't care about that song as I was not going to pick it that week as well :)

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Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

T-Rex Interactive | Box Kid Adventures

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First tries of the week,






looks like i've played this before but can't remember my last score, not too hard but concentration wanders after a few minutes





all was going well until the end came up...... needs work




ah yes open chord and strumming practice,

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Ah.. Shadow of Colossus ....


If you haven´t played or even better heard of that game instantly grab it and have a go, i swear you will ot regret it.

Best game i know. (And i´ve been Austrian Champion on PES back in the days, spent like a million coins on MK, have managed to keep playing NHL online versus for years once a week (still ongoing) 2on2 with a pal, and i´m sure i have played more than 5000 games in my life, but that one is the best).


First guitar, then shadow again from beginning (i still havent finished it) - thats a plan :)

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well, there are those weeks when on sightread i get the impression - well maybe i can play guitar a little by now.....

and then there are others:




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Me & Bobby Mcgee on bass = 96.9%  not a bad start.

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  • "Like a bird on the wire, Like a drunk in a midnight choir, I have tried in my own way to be free" Leonard Cohen - RIP
  • "Roll over Beethoven, Dig these rhythm and blues" Chuck Berry - RIP

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There will most probably no entries from me this week. I got a new processor and motherboard and windows won't start anymore.

I need to move my my dual boot system onto the (also new) SSD. Linux was easy, but Windows insists on reinstall. It is still unhappy with the partitioning of the HD, it says.

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