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  1. Happy Birthday Stark_Knight!

  2. Made a terrible mistake by going rock climbing this week which is why I'm posting right at the end. Can't remember the last time my forearms have been this sore and even now they still hurt a bit.
  3. Taking 2 weeks off has really done a number on my wrist stamina even though my scores don't reflect it. Really had to push through to beat honor thy father
  4. Been a while but I was able to get a play in for each. Been really busy lately, just graduated and I'm moving so hopefully I'll be able to start settling down again and participate more.
  5. Always happy to play songs by my favorite band
  6. Forgot how weird some grunge songs used to be
  7. Once again super busy so I'm just participating again
  8. I hate getting strikes which is why if I'm unsure I just stick with practice mode but I'm short on time and I'm not going down without a fight this week
  9. @@meelo smh son, it's a 1 minute difference. But I got a better score so I guess it doesn't really matter
  10. @@meelo Damn, I didn't know there were two versions. All that work for nothing :sob:
  11. really like this one, gonna try and get back into it for real this week
  12. Wish I wasn't so busy to the point where all I can do is participate. Hope I can get back to competing soon
  13. smh, my laziness cost me the win last week so I made sure to try harder this time so I don't just get my one initial submission
  14. First play of the week, all I have to say is thank god for the detune pedal
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