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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 168


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I'd played Johhny B Goode ONCE a while ago and it was a big old pile of nope!  Feeling a bit spurred on by my improvements over the weeks I thought right, I'm going to screenshot my before score as well so I can compare the difference...surely I'll improve on it!  :rolleyes:


BEFORE....(first try from weeks ago)


My first run this week....


37%!!!!  :wacko:  :unsure:  :cry:


So, feeling completely dejected and like I really haven't improved at all I gave Muse a go....







I'm not sure I'll reach 85% on JBG by the end of the week, but I'm getting there....


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*Mics up cazoo. Scores a trillion in MCbass*

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-= weekly leaderboard update =-


leader changes:

@Telboy - Int lead - finally m8 ;)







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@@NoonyDeloony - whooo, thats cool news! or in other words as i keep telling you all - when they go freebird they develop strange ideas ;)

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evening all, here is a few improvements in case i don't get another chance to post them,


firstly Muse, which i can't get the hang of really but i must get 90% even if i have to stay up all night......



36634ax5bu8ekog6g.jpgnext is a little improvement on the U2 song,


ok30xo0su50tgay6g.jpgand , as I am now leading all three INT classes I thought i'd have a go at the ADV bass, just to see if i'm ready to take that step up.




so the answer is no, not quite however i think 'Disappointing Performance' is a bit strong.


i'd like to see him play it the patronising twat !


more to come i hope,



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Hey Guys, so here is my first HighScore for Muse - Starlight !

I could do it better, there are some parts which are very bad but i am

going to upload now because i dont know what excactly time the

Weeks Challenge is ending.


Nice Weekend to all you Rockers! Btw...maybe someone of you can help,

i need the old Slipknot DLCs. They were on Customforge the days ago

but they arent online anymore. :(





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