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  1. I think Dropbox has changed something. There are a lot of dead Links in Millencolin / Lagwagon Songs... lot of others too. Big Problem at the Moment.
  2. Jo klaw. Did you play it with solo ? Is there a option where i can download it without solo ?
  3. I am not really shure what you mean with 4 or 5 ... my english is not the best. Does it mean i dont have to learn the solo ? Please ?? :) :D
  4. Fuck yo, just tried "the Cult" ... its a really cool Riff :P :P and the PowerChords are not very hard too :ph34r: ofc but the Solo Guys... are you really shure i have to learn that Solo ? Sick i dont think i can handle it :D has anyone some tipps for me how i could learn the Solo just a liitle bit ? I mean, fuuuck...thats a hard solo for me. :unsure: Have a nice Weekend !
  5. Hey guys i wanted to join this week too with the song outlaw...some of you said there is a song with wrong tabs. Is it that one ?
  6. Now going to watch Icehockey....then rocking the mtm2 with deftones yeahhhh \m/

  7. Do we really have to learn this "nachbarschaftstracl" ? Grrr i dont know if i am in for it :D
  8. Tried so hard. Finally i succeed ! Puh :D :D http://i66.tinypic.com/eujaix.jpg
  9. @ yeah i got lucky but really, the part after the long break...i cant do that :D :D i am going to take a look at U2 now !
  10. Hey Guys, so here is my first HighScore for Muse - Starlight ! I could do it better, there are some parts which are very bad but i am going to upload now because i dont know what excactly time the Weeks Challenge is ending. Nice Weekend to all you Rockers! Btw...maybe someone of you can help, i need the old Slipknot DLCs. They were on Customforge the days ago but they arent online anymore. :( http://prntscr.com/dv8rdl http://i65.tinypic.com/1zxbdhx.jpg
  11. Can somebody upload the Slipknot DLCs plz ? There are guys which downloaded them here and play them on youtube but they are not online anymore. (Sic) for example...
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