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Easy songs playable on an acoustic and liked by girls?

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Hey guys,


Just wondering if there are any easy songs in Rocksmith/CDLC that one can play alone on an acoustic/electric and that would sound great? If girls like it, even better. :)


Thank in advance!




p.s. long live CF!

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Pretty much any song is playable that way. Some require more than others. Stuff I have heard my dad play over the years, or at least the riffs to that come to mind are, Summer of '69, Simple Man, quite a bit of Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Vaughn … All of those I know can be played acoustically and sound great.


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any Beatles songs

60% of the time, it works every time....

The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

Don't be that guy who posts in a song's thread, asking for another song by that artist. That guy is weak... and he gets ignored.

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Beatles, Led Zeppelin, SRV?  These are not things that girls like (for the most part).


There's a few Maroon 5 songs that can work.  Not sure if One Republic is in CDLC, but it's on Jammit.  JustinGuitar.com has an acoustic version of Hit Me Baby One More Time.


These are all more likely to get the ladies to sing along.

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60% of the time, it works every time....

Loads of Beatles do a search. There easy to play

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Eesh ya'll are making this so hard. Forget DLC and CDLC for this one. What you want is Wagon Wheel by OCMS. It's an american ballad almost, with a very blue grass flavor but the guitar part is super easy. It's just an open G D Em C G D C for pretty much every verse and chorus. Capo on 2 if you want to sing it like the band but I have a lower voice so I usually just leave it off and step it down.

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Simple Man

I'm downloading that song :D

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My favorite song:




I'm searching tab for these songs


If anyone can help me please send me a pm


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Thank you for the answers! So, I looked up Beatles and the only ones I recognized are I want to hold your hand and All you need is love. Do you think these ones should be good and easy to learn to play them when hanging out? "Imagine" would be cool too.


I like Simple Man a lot, but it's beyond my level and not many people will know it. I was thinking a song that any girl, like Slovak or Belgian, can relate to.

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It may not be what you're looking for but I want to throw it out anyway, just so you have an even larger range of suggestions to choose from: Muse - Unintended is an easy acoustic and it's somewhat of a love song.

It has easy handshapes except for that one b7 chord and is very slow, the intro is probably the hardest part of the song. I have the impression only younger people like Muse, so if they ain't too young they probably don't like the music genre or band anyway.

Here is a cdlc of it for Rocksmith 2014 http://www.rscustom.net/dlc/11713


Other than that this was more of a general easy-acoustic-song recommendation, I'm not exactly a girl expert, I just assumed it may be a good candidate

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If you have strong voice, then Tenacious D will get you to score! ;)


Try "fuck her gently" or "Tribute"; easy to play and the girls will lauh. Anf when a girl think you're a funny guy,.............. ;)


Also some Punksongs. Easy as shit, but gonna help you.(but please no Offpsring or Green day :P )

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