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  1. Thanks again for your great work raynebc (in general - all of it until now), I've moved away from Rocksmith some months ago and use EOF now as a transcription program because I've gotten so used to it. I'm guessing there are probably better, more suited apps for song transcription out there but I love EOF and I appreciate the work you do for it very much. For some time, I'm not sure if this was a common problem, I had issues with keyboard shortcuts (the software behaved as though the ctrl (+shift and more keys) was always pressed down, and when I actually pressed it EOF registered it as not pr
  2. Is it possible to define two different fingerings for the same chord? Last time I tried that the different fingerings were preserved in eof itself but when playing the song in Rocksmith it showed only one fingering whenever the chord in question came up
  3. fabianosan asked in another thread (http://customsforge.com/topic/2533-unpacked-xml-missing-count-attribute-unable-to-import-in-eof/?do=findComment&comment=13642) if you could provide the original XML files before they were packed into a custom with the toolkit? Sorry I'm responding so late, the arrangements are from other users' cdlc so I don't have the original xml or project files. I will ask BHMath later if he's willing to provide the pre-toolkit xml files from his Muse songI myself have unpacked that cldc with the - as of now - lastest stable toolkit release, just adding this info in
  4. lol Shiroo, love that new avatar!

    1. Shiroo


      Thought people from Muse project might like it :D Thanks !

  5. Thanks, I'll check this out. I've had this happen to me too recently. Just wanted to confirm this.Thank you for your great work as always
  6. Thanks raynebc! You were right I for some reason had the "ignore capo/tuning" option checked so after unchecking it the chord names changed. I never looked for/noticed it, but I got the "C=" thingy at the beginning of the song as well so I know for sure it works now However, the midi tones still stay the same... I don't really need it but wanted to point it out anyway Here is a zip of some arrangements that I can't import as of eof r1299: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o4gtqd In eof it says "Failure. Check log for details" And in the log it's always that tuning value error
  7. Hey rayne, is there some sort of guide or manual for utilizing the capo feature yet? I'm kinda confused as to how I'm supposed to author capo arrangements mainly because the chord names and midi tones stay the same, regardless of whether I put a value other than 0 into the "set capo" field.. I'm also getting errors recently trying to import unpacked cdlc arrangements (the log says: "error reading tuning values from XML. Aborting"
  8. Will you upload your cdlc here again? My life isn't complete without you Muse guys and your awesome custom songs

    1. Kiscsak98


      Yes of course. I just hope shiroo is going to move the muse project here. We need a place to collect all the Muse CDLCs :)

    2. Kiscsak98


      Currently working on Futurism by the way. :D

    3. Kent0348


      Cool, I'm glad to hear it! Futurism has a pretty cool bass line

  9. Hey BHMath! Will you be posting your cdlcs again? I really love your custom songs and I can't live without them..

    1. BHMath


      Don't worry I wil. I'm just waiting for the site to be more stable and so.

    2. Kent0348
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