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  1. Am still on Mavericks and have been resisting the upgrade as it seems it causes problems with the RSTK. I found that much CDLC wasn't working when available as _m.psarc file, so am simply downloading the _p.psarc files & converting which provides a better success rate, but still a few still cause RS to freeze and few more get to the start of the highway from which I can escape back to other CDLC. For me having a non-functional RSTK would pretty much mean a freeze on new content working. The problems seem to increase as the volume of CDLC increases. From time to time I have moved the do
  2. (nods head in approving manner...focus is good...that we can each have our own optimal level of focus makes me happy). I attempt to play every instrument like a bass, though it can be nice to understand how other instruments are played, ultimately they are a distraction.
  3. Thanks for the info. I was considering doing the upgrade, but if it breaks the toolkit, then it kinda limits the amount of CDLC usable because many tracks don't have a version for OSX, or if a version for OSX is provided it doesn't tend to work for me, so I convert CDLC from PC to OSX. Anyone else finding that much of the OSX CDLC doesn't work until you've converted it yourself?
  4. Thanks for the response. Those videos were great, though they look to be using the keyboard as instrument rather than as midi controller, but I suspect this why you suggest the 2nd computer workaround. That guy playing along to the session accompaniment is the best video I've seen of someone smoothly using that aspect of RS....which when I try to use it with bass or guitar, it seems very disjointed and produces a less than pleasurable musical output. The Fishman Tripleplay looks to be Witchcraft. It looks to let the user's imagination be the limit to their musical creativity. I suppose
  5. I happened to wonder what happens if I attempted to use a midi controller instead of a guitar-like instrument. (think left of hand of piano as playing similar tones as bass) Previously I had updated the my settings to allow the use of an Apogee Jam rather than the Realtone cable and had much success with this method via Aggregate Device Settings on OSX...This is a simple preference update, no kludge. (though you need to understand the frequency range you are operating in or suddenly out of range notes are not detected). However when I look at the Audio Devices window in Audio Midi Setup,
  6. I saw this video from New Scientist demo-ing the impact of "gamification" on learning the piano. Seems to have many ideas/features that are perhaps familiar to people using this forum. I wonder how they encode whichever music notation is supported for use?
  7. I happened to tune-up and play a little using a USB webcam as the interface last week. It was a pretty bad experience (distortion/echo), but noted when messing around in the audio settings of my macbook, that I could have selected the inbuilt webcam as the interface. The next step would have been to play a video, or audio of the requisite tuning to see if RS would consider the instrument as tuned in a scenario where I didn't have cable/electric instrument to pass tune-up with. The settings required also appear haunted/unreliable, in that sometimes they work, sometimes they don't for no app
  8. I have no such distortion with the mic (ECM-719) I got years ago for bootlegging, but it plugs into the socket on my other interface, rather than being a single unit that almost everyone has.
  9. Last night I managed to get a webcam set-up as the Real Tone cable. I did this for 2 reasons. 1. Many instruments are entirely acoustic and would be just as cool to play in RS and think people who have instruments that are not already officially available in RS should be telling Ubisoft, they want to play & pay to play too. 2. I wanted to see if could get multiplayer mode to run, to display a second highway and I needed to pass the tuning screen on a 2nd instrument. The steps that I took were based on what I did to get an Apogee Jam interface set-up as the Real Tone Cable on my Macb
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll have a look at editing the guitar tuning, I didn't have much success with any values other than positive integers yesterday, but I'll check it again. This stuff is really quite extraordinarily painful as I'm using a Macbook. Not much works smoothly, EOF has no mp3, support, setting a delay, Wwise, which is why after initially learning the basics, I had put CDLC development at a lower priority than learning to play more competently. I'll have a look at it in the morning, because I'm curious about how the turnings have been modelled in the software and it helps me
  11. Thanks for the help and info about the tuning screen. Rocksmith is awesome and I want people to enjoy it and I want others to understand what good value it is and how it could help them have fun and improve in their music practice for which they need to pay Ubisoft money. I'm absolutely not advocating any unauthorised changes under the hood of RS and would like Ubisoft to understand that the ukelele market is pretty close from their existing product and appears a pretty lucrative addition to their product...perhaps even people are saying "shut-up and take my money"...but at the end of the d
  12. @@firekorn What do you know about the Tuning Screen in RS itself? Can it be reached if the is no RS-cable detected? Is their a shortcut to the "tuning failed" prompt, or does the user have to fail "X" number of times before getting the option to continue anyway? I would like to be able to use 2 player mode without a second cable. So a friend can play along as lead, or rhythm, with no interest in score and no need for RS to amplify their instrument. It would be quite a nice way of being able to compare what the various instruments are up to at the same time. eg adding a fill here, or the
  13. So I've just uploaded a bunch of files to https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9a0ld1d2nuqdr/uke_test The original audio is here https://soundcloud.com/blinky-bagger/ukelele-test-for-rs And was simply A ---------------------2,3,2----------------------- E --------------- 3,5--------5,3------------------- C ---------2,4,5------------------5,4,2----------- G --2,4,5---------------------------------5,4,2--- Though in EOF I added a powerchord that doesn't exist in the audio file...just for the hell of it at the end.
  14. Just been looking at that diagram of the relative ranges. When I was testing my mic' to see if RS would identify the tones from the ukelele, I had been thinking about what would the diagram of the ukelele register mapped to the guitar register look like. The following is supposed to represent the neck of a guitar. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 (25) e -U--K--E--L--E--L--E---"E"---S-T-R-I-N-G-| ---U--K--E--L--E--L--E---"G "----S-T-R-I-N-G (a guess) B *** |--U--K--E--L--E--L--E--"C"--S-T-R-I-N-G-|
  15. So if the note/chord evaluation part of Rocksmith for ukelele is initially ignored (until such time as the special tuning part is overcome...and by this I mean one, other, or perhaps both of the following. Ubisoft make a change to add the ukelele tuning to the RS front-end, that the RSTK also has a ukelele tunings (& appropriately specified in Hz) added), the ukelele players are dependent on using their ears to evaluate how they are playing. This would enable to the ukelele fiends to: - have the fun of playing along - learn the notes - get the timing - transpose notes
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