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  1. This latest patching system posted by Firekorn works for me on 10.12.1. Thanks for the help!
  2. I can't post either using a Mac and Google Chrome. I can type it all in but when I submit, it just disappears.
  3. 'I tried both of those files, and both converted without issue for me. However, after successfully converting another file afterwards it crashed immediately and closed.' Yeah, that is what happened to me too except that it gave me an incomplete "Successfully Converted" pop up window after the third conversion (Volbeat - Radio Girl - the new version) that was mostly blank and then just froze. I tried quitting from the menu bar too to no avail and then did the force quit. I didn't actually test the Volbeat one as, in the past, when the kit did that those conversions were usually bad. I reconverted it after restarting the kit. I apologize I was not more clear initially.
  4. Thanks for confirming. They must have fixed the Mono installation package then. I'll take that part out of the instructions. Just to provide some further feedback, I just used the kit for the first time to convert a few files from PC to Mac. The kit worked for two and then froze up and needed to be force quit. (in fact I see now that the only way to quit is the force quit even if you just open it and do nothing) The icon in the dock turned into a weird, white smudge, almost like a scrambled TV, and no longer showed the guitar icon. The two files I converted were Alkaline Trio - Armageddon and Helmet - Pure if you want to attempt to duplicate. I can certainly work around this as all I really do is conversions but, I wanted to let you guys know what I am experiencing. Thanks again for all the help. If I can do any specific testing for you guys, just let me know and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.
  5. Thanks so much for doing that. It is now working. I didn't even need to to do any of the terminal commands other than typing "mono" initially. You're a wizard. :)
  6. I see. Thanks for the clarification and offer of assistance. I only used Mono for the tool kit so I don't really need to install it if it's not going to make the kit work. In fact, I really liked using the Wineskin version as it was much more stable. Apparently for that to work on El Capitan something with X11 needs to be set to rootless but I have no idea what that is or how to do that. I'll look into it. Thanks again. Hopefully some of the amazing creators here will have pity on us Mac folks until this gets sorted and make Mac versions of their uploads. (the ones that don't already)
  7. I am no longer able to launch the RSToolKit as I get a pop up window that says I need to install Mono. I did it again (it was installed previously) and even tried the El Capitan preview version of Mono to no avail. The Wineskin wrapped version of the kit I have no longer launches either as it's having an issue with X11. All worked perfectly before the update to El Capitan. Anyone else able to launch the kit on Mac with El Capitan? Just curious if it's something specific to my system.
  8. This happened to me too. Everything was fine for me and with absolutely no changes on my part, the game started locking up, not showing album art and all that. I ended up removing a bunch of tracks and I think I have a set that now works alright. But, when I do add some new tracks, the error often returns. I've also tried all of the usual fixes. The weirdest thing is I would be adding songs back in that I knew were good and worked previously, and I would still get the error eventually. There was no rhyme or reason to it that I could find. Anyways, sorry that you are dealing with this too and I hope we can get it figured out eventually.
  9. Hi Alex360 and thanks for the help. I did read that previously and I apologize I wasn't clearer in my original post. I have since edited it. How do I get the CDLC that is already made into the toolkit to edit it? Not sure why I can't figure this out. :) I have two different versions of the toolkit (wineskin and mono) and I'm still stumped. Edit: Nevermind! It suddenly decided to work even though I did nothing different. Good times. All set here.
  10. Hey folks. I would like to edit a few song titles as they appear in game to ensure that no songs have the same name. Unfortunately I cannot see how to do this with the toolkit and can't seem to find the answer after searching here and google. I know many of you are great at this. Can someone please help me by telling me the steps for Mac or linking me to where this has been covered already? I really appreciate any help you can provide. A couple of examples, I want to edit 30 Seconds To Mars - Oblivion as it shares a name with the Mastodon song. I also want to edit the song Three Days Grace - Drown as it's the same as the Bring Me The Horizon track. While they don't seem to conflict thus far, I'd like to be able to know how to edit in case an issue arises in the future. Edit: To clarify, I see where in the toolkit you edit the name of the song and other information. I just can't figure out how to get an already made CDLC into the toolkit to edit. And once I make the edit, what do I select? Generate? Thanks again for helping this dummy. :)
  11. Ok, thanks. Just trying to cover all the bases here. I added a small batch of known working CDLCs but, I haven't got to the point of just adding one yet. However, it looks like I am at that point now so I will give it a go. :) The weird thing is it looked like I was on my way to finding the issue as things were looking good adding a few small batches. However, if I would then back out to the main screen (in game) and then reload the profile, the issue came back. All the symptoms are the same as when I have had corrupt CDLC in the past but, the usual tests and fixes aren't resolving it just yet. Weird deal. Thanks again for the feedback. I'll figure this out eventually.
  12. Thank you for the feedback. I did let the install do all it needed to do and I always let the enumerating finish. This is just a weird deal I guess. I will keep experimenting and see what I can come up with. I really appreciate you letting me know that it is working fine for you. Gotta be something specific to my setup it would seem. One other question, Steam recently updated too. Do you have the latest version of Steam installed as well?
  13. I updated to the most recent OSX version 10.10.3 and now I am experiencing an issue with playing any CDLC. The game loads just fine and enumerates but the song list has most of the cover art missing and will lock up if I select various songs that worked perfectly previously. I removed ALL CDLC and then launched RS from Steam directly and it worked fine. I then added back some known working CDLCs that I have had for months, launched using RSInjector and the issue returned. Given these circumstances, this does not appear to be an issue with any particular CDLC but perhaps a conflict with the latest OSX and RSInjector. Anybody else seeing anything like this? I've tried all the usual fixes to no avail to include reinstalling RS, reinstalling RSInjector and removing any recent CDLCs that may have caused the issue. I appreciate any help any of you can provide. As I noted, I have been playing CDLCs with no issue for months and always test new ones as I add them to weed out any corrupt ones. Yet, here I am. :(
  14. I had a similar issue with my Mac version in the beginning as well. Turns out it was due to a bad CDLC. To resolve the issue I removed ALL of my CDLC and then starting adding it back in in batches of about 6. Then I tested each and every one of them to ensure they were working. Then added the next 6. This caused me to eliminate a number of the CDLC's I originally downloaded as I went along and everything now works great. It was worth the time and effort. A few tips I learned along the way: 1. Make sure that every song you use has a Custom Tone attached to it. This is detailed in the song info on the download page. No tone will often cause the game to freeze. 2. Ensure that you do not have any songs of the same name. If you do, just decide which one you absolutely can't live without and say goodbye to the other one. 3. Once you have done the above two steps, you may want to try redownloading any songs you really want that were not working previously. But this time, download the PC version and convert to Mac yourself using the Tool Kit. Then test it. If it let's you tune and then you get stuck with just the amps on screen, remove the file and reconvert it. This fixes the issue 99% of the time. I hope this helps you. There are a few CDLC's that are wonky and will cause issues so you just need to take the time initially to get a good foundation and then add over time, little by little. Edit: You may also want to test the game after removing all of your CDLC to verify that it works that way. If it does not, then you may have an issue with your actual install.
  15. Once you download the RSInjector app, simply place it into your Applications folder (then in your Dock if you want) after unzipping the file from the download link above. You will not be able to launch it. In order to use it, first launch Steam, select Rocksmith from your Steam Library but DO NOT select play in Steam. Then select the RSInjector app and that will launch Rocksmith for you, through Steam, and allow you to play CDLC. I hope that helps.
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