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  1. Help I am having the same problem! Did you ever figure out what you did to make it work?
  2. Looking for help with getting my mac steam version to play. I can get as far as tuning the guitar before it freezes up. I have done everything listed from the previous posts, and when I start the game it says Enumerating Music. No matter if I select a song (cdlc or default) or minigames, it wont load the actual gameplay mode. I get as far as tuning the guitar but beyond that I get nothing :/ I can still strum and hear the guitar but I am stuck with a screen with animated amps but thats it. Only way out is to force quit. Please help!
  3. This was my problem. This is an important distinction that was missing or i missed from other tutorials... ONCE EVERYTHING IS SETUP, RUN STEAM FIRST BUT NOT ROCKSMITH AND THEN US RSINJECTOR TO LAUNCH ROCKSMITH. Some how I missed that i got bizarre results by launching RSInjector without launching steam first. Thanks!!! I tried everything you have listed here but unfortunately still no success. I am stuck sitting with a couple Amps and stacks with no gameplay. Please help!
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