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  1. Dunlop Tortex 1.14 are perfect for me :mrgreen:
  2. I've put some ideas - not sure about AC/DC though - good job by keeping this btw
  3. It would be a good idea but it's hard if not impossible to remove a guitar part from a mp3, i mean without having a really crappy audio quality at the end of the process. Unless you want to purchase the orignal studio tracks from the recording which means you're probably a bored millionaire, the best way is to redoing the whole song from scratch (this is how most of the backing track are made) which also mean resyncing the customs...
  4. hummm :???: Jimi Hendrix Frank Zappa John Mclaughlin Rory Gallagher
  5. http://i1161.photobucket.com/albums/q515/happyvendredi/221680_screenshots_2014-03-01_00001_zps72b8d1dc.jpg Probably the most awful 80% i ever made !
  6. Nothing to do with guitar :P Or this more instruments related
  7. That's trully awesome, i was surpsised to see one of my favorite bands released as official Dlc and i won't complain but i think Riders on the storm and Light my fire are way more fun to play on a keyboard than a guitar but anyway, that's a great week release !
  8. Working on wolf and raven.... it's ain't easy but not this hard either, just wondering if i'll be able to work on it to reach 100% speed till the end of the week :p
  9. i do not have much time to play these days so it's mainly hearthstone cause you don't need to play for hours. Also Dota 2, Castlevania Lord of shadows, starcraft and just finish to download the Titanfall beta, hope that i will have time to try it before the beta ends !
  10. Proud to be day two donator ahah :-P
  11. Yeah this happend to me too when i was about to post a screenshot for the championship, anyway, i'm pretty sure this will be fixed later on, they're more importants things to take care of in the meantime i think :p
  12. Just wanted to say thank to everybody who's contributing to this amazing place, you can see change happening every hours.... you guys just rocks ;) And adding more transparency for the donation was a great idea, makes me donate as soon as i saw it :p
  13. http://i1161.photobucket.com/albums/q515/happyvendredi/221680_screenshots_2014-02-16_00001_zpsf445a29f.jpg Here ya go !!! Working like 50h a week now, i really wonder if i'll have enough time to get over 90% :-|
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